Shoei’s custom helmet fitting service

So I’d never heard of this before
but my bike dealer told me about it. It seems Shoei in Malaysia at least, maybe in other places too, they offer a FREE service they call
a personal fitting system. Now you might remember I got a free Shoei helmet from the dealer when I bought my bike. I already have a Shoei NXR and I love it. The GT Air was the right size but didn’t quite fit me right which is weird, because the NXR fits perfectly. So when Welly called me up and told me about a Shoei fitting event I thought: YES! So the guys from Shoei measure your head using some custom gadget they’ve got and also note the circumference using a
good old tape measure. Then they started adding padding to
the existing helmet cushioning. They told me the reason the GT Air didn’t fit quite right was that in Asia the padding is designed for
a rounder shaped face. This explains why the NXR, which I bought
back in the UK, has a different fit. After they were done, I tried it on, and it was a perfect fit! A few weeks later, in the middle of Ramadhan Welly called up again, and told me
they were organising a ride and there would be food at the end. And that’s all I needed to hear! I don’t understand what they’re saying. I think they’re expecting around 40 bikes. Here they come, the lads. Go ahead! Karak Highway Is that a real tree? Or is that one of those phone masts? No it’s a real tree. Wow, it’s massive! And as usual: when I wear my waterproof gear it doesn’t rain. When I don’t wear my waterproof gear… rain. Hello… So nice. Don’t want to fall on my arse here that would be highly highly embarrassing. Someone’s waiting. Hey mate. [Muslim call to prayer] Yeah, don’t indicate or anything,
just pull in at the last second. Back to the concrete jungle. What is this? Look at this! Please like and subscribe.



    Nice one dude! Reminds me that I need to get my shoei fitted properly as well. Been taking it for granted since it’s only my daily helmet.

  • Sameh Souissi

    Hey buddy, where have you been hiding? Do you wanna meet up for ride?

  • RidetheZ

    Let us arrange for a ride that "we understand" ^_^

  • Nissanth Rao

    Great video 🙌🏻. Please post more videos if possible 🙂

  • Lindilicious

    I like your videos! Post longer driving vids plz:) with motorsound!
    I saw some highway going north from KL that many bikers were driving fast!!
    Maybe a trip there and film😁👌🏼

  • Infident

    Should have noticed your channel earlier! The bike shop Welly seems really good with events and all.. I'm also getting my z900 next week (hopefully) lets go for a ride!

  • Aiman. Mohd Nor

    Subscribed! Love your videos mate!


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