Simatic IOT2000 & Arduino IDE Sketches

Welcome to How2Make I’m going to show you today how to program an IOT2000 siemens …. with Arduino IDE software. I purchased a IOT2040. There are two versions, the 2020 and 2040 You can program them the same way The difference between them is the number of communication ports. The IOT2000 is the new internet of things gateway from Siemens This gateway runs on a Galileo chip from Intel This enables us to program him with with Arduino IDE. To show a little project, I’m going to load the blink sketch. So I have an LED. And we need a micro SD card. to place the Image. This SD card must be at least 8GB Ensure also that you have a micro USB cable. Which looks like this and make sure you have a power supply, DC …. between 9 and 36 volts. Pay attention. He draws a lot of power, so make sure you have a 1A power supply. Well the first step is to … … write image to the SD card. We use the WIN32DiskImager which is a program …. ….. that writes your image on an SD card so your IOT2000 soon will boot from there. Well first you need to download the Image You can do that with the link at the bottom of the video description. It comes as a ZIP file, so you must first unpack it. Then open your WIN32DiskImager Here comes that. Look there it is. I placed the SD card in my PC. Who received drive letter K We will just select the image file. Oh, it’s not a IMG file. You have to select (*) all files and it is this Image Select it. Then you can write it to the SD card. Here comes that. Well he’s done with the Image writing onto the SD card. So now we can get it out of the PC. So now we’re going to put the SD card here. If you put screwdriver here just in the space …. … the cover is opened. If you look closely you can see there … ..a SD slot … … for SD cards. Then we put our SD card in it. Oh, I should put it in the right way. that’s taken care of… Now we have to download the Intel Packages. In the Arduino IDE software. In the Arduino IDE software. At mine Arduino IDE the Blink sketch is already open. that we will use later You can just find examples at … … basic Blink then we go to Tools … ..Board… … Boardmanager Here we search for …. I5. This is the chip that is used for
the… IOT2000 We will download / install this. Well then we get the latest version. We are going to install it. So that’s installed. if it is right …. You will find the Galileo gen2 board in your list. We are going to select it. We have now finished this part. Set the IOT2000 on power. If all goes well, the power indicator will light up. Uhhm It takes about thirty seconds
before it is started up and … … booted from the SD card Then you can attach the USB connection. Here is the USB micro input. If there is a triangle or a warning that it can not find the driver … I have placed a link at the video description where you can download these drivers. You have to add it manually. I will show that now. Select the driver. And it’s placed here by me. In this file you downloaded, there is a Galileo driver. Select it. I’ll update it manually here. That is already happened by me, so unnecessary. Then we go back to the Arduino Sketch. If all is well, you got a another COM port. The Arduino IDE recognizes it as an Intel chip Galileo. Select this COM-port Mine is already selected. This should be on AVR MKll. Now you can upload your Blink sketch to the IOT2000 The sketch has been uploaded successfully. As you can see USER indicator flashes. This means that the sketch is doing something. And that is quite similar to the Blink Sketch. The light turns on and off every second. but of course we want …. …to see… …. it working at the pin layout. Then we get this cover out there. That wasn’t going easy. As you can see…. … it looks very much like the Arduino UNO pinlayout And that’s correct, it’s simular. The fourth from right at the bottom is GND. And next to it, is pin 13. So if it’s right …… It turns pin 13, every second on and off. So this is how you upload an Arduino Sketch to your IOT2000. This was the tutorial for programming an IOT2000 with the Arduino IDE software.Dit was de tutorial voor het programmeren van een IOT2000 met Arduino IDE If you have any questions or comments, you can leave them at the bottom of the video! Would you like to buy this stuff?
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  • Saul Gabi

    when i do like this ,but Arduino IDE gets a error :

    C:UsersAdministratorAppDataLocalArduino15packagesInteltoolssketchUploader1.6.2+1.0/clupload/ No such file or directory
    An error occurred while uploading the sketch

    but in the path ,i can find the file——"",how to solve it ,thanks

  • juans white

    gracias por el video

  • Marek Wojtek

    Can I have profinet on iot?


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