Simple Coloring with Inktense Pencils & Clear Wink of Stella

Hi Everyone! Kristina here. Welcome to another
video on my YouTube channel and blog. Today I’m going to be using this new stamp set from
Paper Smooches. It just came out. I thought it would be a really fun stamp set to use
to do some coloring with Inktense Pencils and Wink of Stella Clear Shimmer brush. So
I’m going to be doing this technique that I shared with you guys a while ago, when I
colored that card with the fairy on it. I just really love that look of all that shimmer
getting that Inktense Pencil to move around. So I started out with some water color paper.
This is some Strathmore water color paper cut to 5.5″x4.25″. I stamped the image and
the greeting in VersaFine Onyx Black Ink. Now I’m going to bring in my Inktense Pencils.
Going to be adding a little bit of color along the edges of the image and then using a Wink
if Stella Clear Glitter Brush Pen to pull all of that color into the center areas of
each of the different shapes. So it’s a super fun way to color all of those images. After I finished color the image and the banner
shape with my Inktense pencils and Wink of Stella Clear Glitter Brush Pen I reinforced
the shape of that banner and also went over the edges with a black marker. In this case
I’m using a Momento Tuxedo Black Marker. Also just to finish off that scene I thought
I needed a shadow underneath the jar. So I took a gray Inktense Pencil and I also used
that Wink of Stella brush once more and just added a little bit of shadow. It’s a little
more intense than I would have hoped, but it still looked nice. After that was done
I trimmed down the water color piece to be slightly smaller than an A2 card and adhered
it using some foam adhesive. Then I took Glossy Accents and added it to the entire surface
area of this jar. This jar is pretty big so it took quite a lot of Glossy Accents. It’s
going to take quite a bit of time to dry. So after it’s dry it will be completely clear.
Right now it looks a little murky, but it is completely clear when it’s dry. That finishes
the card for today. I hope you guys enjoyed. If you’d like to see another example of this
shimmer pen with Inktense Pencils, please click on the link at the end of the video.
Thanks for watching. On screen right now are three more card videos
where I used Inktense pencils. In that first video I used Wink of Stella Clear Glitter
Brush Pen and on the other two I just used water with the Inktense Pencils. So if you
want to check those out you can click on those on screen right now or if you’re on a mobile
device links to these three videos are included in the video description. You can visit my
blog at Hit that subscribe button in the top corner so you don’t miss
any more of my card videos. Thanks so much for watching and I will catch you guys next


  • stevie noah

    Amazing ❤️❤️ you're awesome

  • Emily Grace

    2nd Comment!!!! And 20 Views Club!!

  • Kerri Ruder

    Can't wait to try this! Have this adorable stamp set on order! Thanks for your inspiration! !

  • KonaSitkaRose

    Thank you Kristina – turned out just lovely!!!!

  • Amy Armstrong

    Hi Kristina. Could you do a video on your favorite things. Like favorite watercolor paper, favorite paper to use Copics, favorite colored pencils. There are soooo many out there that it's confusing. I know I would greatly appreciate it. ( my hubby said our pocketbook would too lol). Hugs!!!!!!

  • Teri W.

    I love this technique! Love the free hand banner. By the way, what is the background music? It would be great to have this posted in your video info.

  • PinkGlitterScrapper

    have you ever done this technique with the different colors of wink of stella's? this is so pretty! love the glossy accents at the end!

  • Sunshine Creations and Crafts

    I love this technique! You're always coming up with the best ideas. When I saw the card on your blog I was thinking, "How did she get the banner behind the jar?" Well, very smart! TFS! <3kim

  • Creative Measures by Tiffany

    Very pretty card.  TFS

  • Margarita Dickens

    Yay!!!! another use for my Inktense pencils, TFS

  • Mary Polanco

    Another amazing creation!  You are a true artist, Kristina!  Also, I agree on the video of your favorite things, that would be awesome.  Maybe if you have time, you could answer me one quick question; best paper to use with Copic markers.  Bought them, and they are NOT blending on the paper I'm using. 
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Linda Torres - Lopez

    So awesome. I love watching your videos! Cant wait to get a set of those pencils.

  • Relaxing In Art - Maria Geary

    Thanks for another beautiful card!

  • Emily Owensby

    Such a pretty card I loved it!

  • Hayley Carpenter

    Something I'd love to see is you using your scraps to make something or making a card using just scraps. I know you didn't ask for video ideas but I thought I'd just throw it out there… (;

  • With Care, Laura

    So gorgeous! When you added that touch of color to the mason jar…such a pretty way to bring it to life.

  • Nancy Lee

    Great idea. Just got the wink of stella pens and I have the prisma watercolor pencils. Gonna try this out tomorrow!!

  • lori carter

    I love your water pencils…at least i think thats what they are…where can one buy them?

  • Celeste Goff

    Fabulous card! Love the colors!

  • Cathy Krebs

    Seriously Kristina this technique blew me away!! What a darling card!! Thank you for showing us this fun technique!! Hugs from Cathy in Illinois

  • lisamr40

    Love it! TFS!

  • W.53rd. Street Gallery

    Love water coloring, still learning the basics though. What do you recommend for watercolor painting? So many to choose from!
    Thank You!

  • The Life of a Homeschool Mom

    Very pretty!

  • Cynthia Schwenk

    Never would have thought of using my wink of stella that way!  AWESOME!  …LOVE the nail color too!

  • Terri Mayle

    I think this is my favorite of all the cards I have watched you make.  I think I am going to have to try the inktense pencils or prismacolor.

  • alexa adams

    I love the nail color may i ask what the name and company is?

  • Just Claire

    Awesome card Kristina!! Thanks for sharing! I haven't tried watercoloring yet (although I only have distress inks), but you make it seem so easy! Lovely nails btw!! Hugs, Claire

  • Cynthia Clark

    I must be the only person in Craftland that has trouble using a Wink of Stella.  It just doesn't flow for me.  That hasn't kept me from using them, they're worth the trouble.

  • J&J Winans

    So, 'splain to me how this is different from applying WOS over your watercolored piece.  If there is one, my monitor doesn't pick it up.  TVM

  • Gloria Reynolds

    Until i watched the video I too was wondering how you applied the banner image behind the jar.  Crazy clever…love the WOS with Inktense.  Thanks.

  • Mary Brown

    This is really beautiful Kristina. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Jeanie Gregory

    I love your card! Thank you


    I would love to see more videos with this technique, It's a beautiful look.

  • Nancy Lynn

    Kristina, now that is an awesome technique using the Clear glitter brush pen to pull out the color from the water color pencils!  TFS

  • Katy Glenn

    What a great card.  I love the stamps and I love flowers.  I need to purchase this one now. 
    Stay blessed!

  • Christy Necaise

    I am glad you are back. You were missed. <3

  • Sheryl L

    I love this technique!!  I love my Wink of Stella clear brush but I would have never thought of using it this way.  I only have the Inktense Blocks, but I can brush color from them.  I hope I can afford to get the Inktense pencils sometime.

  • Donna Dacy

    This is a wonderful card. Love the color you got on the jar. So realistic. And I love the look you get using the Wink of Stella as the water medium. Great idea. TFS

  • Robin's journey

    Do u sell your cards?

  • Kim Thomas

    It's just adorable, Kristina! I never thought about using wink of Stella with watercolor pencils, and you've inspired me to give it a try. Thank you for sharing. Take care, Kim 🙂

  • Kathy Howard

    Love this technique!!

  • fay thompson

    THANKS, I never thought of using wink of stella that way. I always use blender pens…

  • Denise Ward

    Loved the card! Such beautiful coloring! And I also enjoyed the music in the background, so very soothing!

  • Dot Freel

    I will have to try that!  Love your card.  Beautiful.

  • Joan L

    I really like the way the colour turned out.  Not too intense for me!  Lovely.

  • Mindy Reed

    This is a pretty card! I love how you made it.

  • Kathy Humphrey

    Oh my what a beautiful card! Love that you are using the pencils-I need to get mine out and use them more often.

  • craftycaravan

    What a great idea! It's always nice to get multiple uses for your supplies!  Can't wait to get started. Thanks for sharing!


    Beautiful ! Love the technique to blend with Wink of Stella !

  • Andrea La Vigne

    Gorgeous coloring, Kristina! Love my Inktense pencils, but never thought to use them with the Wink of Stella. I may have to try that sometime. Tfs!

  • KrisC

    You have such talent! Love to watch your videos. I just learned of the wink of Stella about a month or so ago and they are fab! I did not know you could use them that way. Thanks so much. -Kris

  • Linda C. Crowder

    The guitar player is hard to listen to. I like the song but he slides his calloused fingers down the strings, causing a sound similar to fingernails on a blackboard! I can't believe he published his song that way…. Now, thanks so much for this technique. I just bought both the pencils and glitter pen and I was wondering what to do with them. And, here it is! Now to draw a bouquet in a jar! Love it!

  • Kandice Heller

    So simple yet one of my favorites ever. Wow.

  • Janet Nimmo

    what color pencil did you use ? Love the picture

  • Madd Hatter

    Ok, I've never seen this "wink of stella" marker before, is this just a type of colorless blender pen or is this something else? The colored pencils that you used, are they wax based or oil based and will this stella thing work with all types and brands of colored pencils. I love the Watercolor effect that you can get out of this, that means I wouldn't have to pull out my paints and water and such. Can you please give more info on this, thank you.

  • Katherine Haught

    This is absolutely beautiful!!! Love, love, love it! Hugs

  • Pam McArdle

    So beautiful!!! Love the use of WOS..never thought to do that.

  • Kandice Heller

    That looks amazing! Have you ever just done all the pencil work first and then gone and used the Wink of Stella after to save time? I did a similar technique with Faber Castell watercolor pencils using a waterbrush after I had inked some flower designs and it seemed to work ok. I can't wait to try this with my inktense pencils with some of my inked flower designs. Thank you for a very beautiful card! I'm not sure I have the patience for the glossy accents, though. I have a hard time using that for large areas. I'm still learning. I love learning from you!!

  • Donna Conaway

    Awesome!! I just ordered a set of 12 inktense pencils. I learned a lot from this. I would never have thought to use a Wink of Stella pen as you did. I am so glad that I picked your video. Thanks!


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