SKETCH Artist Profile: Whitney French

when i was little I been writing since i was probably seven-years-old
like and like consciously aware that I’m
writing and creating stories since I was seven years old probably
writing even younger than that and I come from a very big loud family
which is great and wonderful but as a writer you need quiet and you need space and for me I don’t know why it just seems really natural to be in nature to be outdoors to be near the water or particularly like my favorite thing
in the whole wide world trees, um i feel like a strong connection with trees and with the earth and I love to climb trees like it’s it’s
very exhilarating like reminds me that like you know I have a childlike nature, i can be very playful um its also a challenge you know what i mean it challenges your body, it challenges your mind and want to get to a good spot in the
tree, like I’m high enough and i find a nice groove and i can chill and i can sit there um, its just, it’s very peaceful like its very hard for me to not write when I’m in a tree it’s very hard for me to not write while
im in nature like I’m a story teller, so it doesn’t really matter to me whether its self published or if its recognized by a publishing company, cause it has pros and cons both ways but like i just wanna tell a story through my medium which happens to be writing you can be a story teller with your body like dancing or through music or through visual arts or whatever but self-publishing allows me to tell story to more
people quickly than that would be a route that would be interested in but um I don’t know I think for self-publishing just
like one means getting a story out um and going through and I still wanna be published, “hey if theres any publishers out there I’m here” publish my work I’m here I’m ready , I’m willing to work ha ha, i wanna do that as well I mean interested in with that process
looks like I’m interested in having my books not necessarily in mainstream but
having my books in more hands because only so much that I can do to push my words and my stories in a direction

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