Sketch – Bij de dokter

Music Next! Take a seat sir. So, uhm, do you have any news yet? Yes. I’ve got good and bad news. Oh oké. No, just kidding. I’ve just always wanted to say that. Oh. Well, we need to make the job more fun ourselfs, right? Alright, let’s talk about your surgery. Uhm, yes, my surgery, Well, the surgeons are still amazed that you got a Lego brick inside your appendix. Yea, well, it just happened. Well, the cause aside, you know you are going under narcosis? Uh, yes, I know that, yes. Let’s hope you’ll wake up again, right? Uhm, pardon? Yea, well, this surgery isn’t entirely without risk, right sir? Are you serieus? Well, removing a Lego brick isn’t easy. Uhm, my chances are high, I presume? Mhm yea, 50/50. 50/50!? Yea, that is English for 50 per cent. I know that! Well, well. Don’t be so angry sir. I’ve put my money on you, and I don’t want you do die because of an angerattack. You put what? I put my money on you. Most doctors have bet on you dying, so don’t disappoint me, oké? Pardon? Well the surgeon has bet on you, *death sound effect* I hope that doesn’t influence the surgery. So I’m going to die? Well, well, well. That’s also a strong word. So you guys are here betting on my death, and you are the only one who voted? Oh, no, no, no. Johnny from 6B also voted on you. Johnny from 6B? Yes that’s him. You’re just betting on your patients like it’s the normal thing to do. That would be so, if it were true what I’m telling you! So it’s a joke? Exactly! Good lord. I haven’t voted on you at all! What?! That’s going to be losing money for Johnny! Have a nice day! Outro Music Or no, it’s not. Or it is. Do you know that video?


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