Sketch Like a Designer (2) – 2D Sketching Techniques

hello everyone today we’re gonna look
into sketching this blender in 2D and while we’re sketching 2d I think
it’s a little bit easier to sketch things in 2D as compared to 3D
because you have an image in your mind and you want to put that on a paper
but sometimes little bit tricky to put 3-dimensional paper so we will sketch
2d I think this is a good start and so we’re gonna sketch this on a paper and
probably in future you’re gonna make some complex shapes like a lot of things
you can see happening here little details going off so let’s sketch this
on a paper and get a little bit things about how the shadows fall here or you
add the details and how it things work so let’s start it let’s get started what
I’m gonna do and I’m just gonna sketch a line here. Little bit head of blender. little bit round. little bit details going on here .okay! a center line you can also sketch a straight line if you like to warm. I can sketch a line here. Join it there. Join this down here. ok so I
make another line here. join this one. so I drew a center like here just to show you maybe a bit not a hundred %
symmetric but it’s just give you idea that will give you idea where the center fall
I will add some shadows here okay and a little bit more detail going on here just a part where the blender is, mix
up the things okay I can have some details here for example I when I add
this materials it’s like a detail for the different material for example this
is like rubber for example if you want to hold it to your hand out of your
hands or you want to put a grill there so heat can come out okay and then you
have a little bit mixture come here okay yeah we can add a handle here this side
that let say it goes from this direction to here and then you have a shadows a
little bit detail going on there and then we have a button in the middle
just draw ellipse here it’s a good practice to draw ellipses to like practice your
ellipses you can warm up in different angle circles and ellipses this can help
you to warm up okay so let’s add some shadows here –
we’re gonna assume the Sun is here and the sunlight is coming in that direction
look up maybe he’s a bit late now to put it there with all the shadows and I
added already here in this area it’s let’s put the sunlight here so the light
is coming in this direction so you will get a shadow in this direction I’m gonna add
a little depth here put this part little shadow and shadow will fall here shadow here too so this is a really
good thing entry like when you start adding shadows you get a little
character of the product like how it’s gonna look like in 3d you know okay this
is going on here too so everything you have above gonna add
shadow on the down part so do you mean this part we’re gonna add a shadow here
I’m just gonna just add a shadow here just gonna add a shadow here just gonna
have a show to do similarly everything in real and shadows this is like a
simple 2d and a little character on that so this is our sketch true and it’s it
in 2d and this is a blender like we do we can add a little bit details here we
can call this we can call these you can say like where the heat comes out okay a grip handle making that some kind of
more details here too if you want okay I think this is a pretty much
enough we can add this area to let’s say we can add LED here just showing that
it’s working something like like a blinking LED which shows like the
working of the product that something is going on there okay that’s enough for
for this sketch I think is showing a lot of details see you later

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