Sketch vs Figma – Why I switched!

– Design tools, there
are a lot of them, right? And I don’t know about you but I often feel a lot of pressure to keep up with the trends of what everyone else is using in our industry. So I like to try new tools out, just you know see how they function. But for the most part in
my design career so far, I’ve been pretty reluctant
to switch tools completely. I think there’s a big
learning curve that comes with completely learning a new tool and fitting it into your work flow, adapting it to suit how
this new tool works, it’s a big deal, and so I’ve not made too
many major software switches. About four years ago I
made the switch from using Photoshop for web designs to using Sketch and it was an amazing decision, it improved my design work flow immensely. And I have made a video about
my Sketch one on one intro if you are interested in watching that. After four happy years of using Sketch as my web design tool of choice, I’ve recently made the switch to Figma and I wanna tell you why. (slow piano music) So unlike my switch from
Photoshop to Sketch, Sketch and Figma are very similar in that they are both vector based tools, they both have an infinite
canvas where you create like an art board or a frame
and do your design on there, the left hand side has all of the lays and just like what I loved about Sketch, in Figma when you click on an element the right hand panel adapts to fit what the properties are that you can change for the element itself. So all in all, as you
can see, fairly similar, but with Figma I’ve noticed
a lot of really small details that have been worth it
for me to make the switch. I first started using
Figma when another designer on our team was using Figma for a project and shared a link with
me to give feedback on it and so that I could copy
some elements from it. I absolutely love that in
Figma you can just share a link with someone and they can
have access to the project to comment on it, to start
editing it themselves, to copy elements from it into their own project of their own, I love the collaboration aspect of Figma. With Sketch if felt more like
I would have to send the files to someone via Slack to open
up on their own computer and it meant then if I made changes that person’s file would be out of date. So in a team setting, those
collaboration features of Figma were what I first
really liked about it. As I was using it I started
noticing little things like if you delete all the
elements from within a group, the group itself would
disappear because obviously it’s not a group anymore
if there’s nothing in it. Really small thing but I would
find that my Sketch files would get quite messy with
lots of groups where I’d removed elements from them or whatever but the group still existed. Another nice touch is in the color picker, you can use your arrow
keys to make your color lighter or darker based on
the one that’s already there. I thought that was such a cool feature and really came in handy for me when I was creating our
brand color palette. Another thing is layers
and moving them around. I felt like in Sketch I
was always having to find the layer that I wanted and
shift it up in the layers panel because I could never remember
what the short key was for moving a layer forward or backwards. I love that in Figma it is just the same as it is in Photoshop,
it’s command and a bracket, it’s a super easy, short key to press, and it makes it really fast
to be rearranging layers as you’re designing something. And I like that in their menus as well, they show what the short key
is in case you’ve forgotten. That’s not something that
Sketch do and so that’s why I’d always forget what the key for moving something forward or back was, and in the end just go into the layers and move them manually myself. Something else I really like is being able to copy properties. So in Sketch you can copy the properties of a shape or you know
an object or whatever and paste it onto a new
one, but when you do that you’re copying all of the
properties onto the new shape, whereas in Figma you can also
copy all of the properties if you want to but you could
also just copy the fill or perhaps just the
font or just the stroke. It means if you’ve got
something right in one place, it’s super easy to just
apply it to other things. You can comment on files in Figma too, which has been really
handy again for working across a team and giving
feedback to each other. I know a lot of in house
marketing or product designers might sometimes share the
Figma file with stakeholders and get them to leave comments that way but personally I still
prefer using something like Envision for that because I feel like then people are seeing the design
like full width in a browser in it’s intended state rather
than being able to zoom out and see all the art boards at once, but that was just personal
preference of mine and how I like to give and get feedback. But all in all the commenting
feature is really handy. And then possibly the best
part is Figma is free. With Sketch you pay for a
license and I think you get a year’s worth of updates
on that license and then you stay on that version, the
last version that you had until you wanna upgrade
again to get new versions. With Figma you don’t even
need to pay for it at all. They do have like professional
team accounts or whatever for if you want more projects,
a bit more functionality, but all of the things that you need to do, to design a webpage, you can do in the free version of Figma, which I think is really cool and a great contribution
to design in general. Another great thing is you can use it whether you’re on a Mac or a PC. So for all those people who keep asking me if there’s a Sketch alternative for PC, Figma is now my answer. So while there are a lot
of good things about Figma, there are also some things that took me awhile to get used to and that I’m still not so sure about. One of them is the way that frames resize. The automatic state of it is
that if you expand the frame, it will try and like auto
resize the content in it and as a web designer
that is not something that I always want to have happen. For example, I will lay
out a frame but perhaps I haven’t made it quite long
enough for all the content I need to lay out on this
webpage so I drag it down and then all of my content goes to shit. There are ways around this like
you can hold the command key as you’re expanding it outward
and everything will stay exactly where it is but that just took a little bit of
getting used to for me. Something that I struggled with at first, but now I really like, is the
way that Figma handles images. In Sketch I just drag an
image in and that was it, it was like a bitmap image
block that I could then double click on to crop and you know change saturation, things like that. In Figma when you drop an
image in, it actually makes it like a rectangle with
an image as the fill, so if you want to crop it, if you want to tile it or whatever, you just come into the fill settings and make your changes in there. So that was a little
bit confusing at first but it’s actually really
handy because I would find that in Sketch a lot of the time I would be making a whole bunch of masks to get my image to be the right size. So it’s much easier to do
that if the image is already, when you put it in, a fill of a shape. Another thing is the way
that Figma handles vectors. So Sketch has notoriously
not been great at vectors, there are options and
you can do most things but I would find myself,
for the most part, going into Illustrator. And in fact, I saw this
Tweet the other day that I thought was
hilarious and very accurate. Figma handles vectors in
a completely different way to what I’ve seen before. They use what they call vector networks. In usual vector programs, a
point can really only have two connections to it, but in
Figma you can have multiple. And it means you can
create complex shapes, it just takes a little
bit of getting used to the way that it works,
but so far I’ve found that I can do most
things that I need to do in Figma without needing
to open Illustrator. Then the last frustrating
point that I’ve experienced so far is that Figma is
actually a web based tool so it runs in your browser
or it does have a Mac app as well so you can essentially
use that browser window but have it as like an icon. This is my first concern and main reason for not trying it sooner
is that I do a lot of work without the internet. Like say I’m in a cafe
and the connection is bad, I might just not even
connect it to the WiFi, or say I’m on a plane for example, and actually wanna be able
to work on my designs. So you can access projects
offline on Figma if you’re using the Mac app and you have the tab open before you go offline. So once you’re offline you
can’t open up a project and edit it from there
but you can keep editing any projects that you already have open. So that is definitely a downside, it means that you have
to remember to open it before you get on the plane, before you go to that cafe without WiFi. But so far for me the
positive qualities of Figma far outweigh this one
and so I haven’t found that trade-off a bad thing yet. In making the switch I
found the learning curve a lot easier than the Photoshop to Sketch learning curve was, that
was quite difficult for me. But like I said, Figma and
Sketch are pretty similar in the way they work, it’s
just that Figma has these little things that make the
experience better for me. So I’ve actually found
myself having nice surprises as I go about my process and
find easier ways to do things. To make the switch also
you can import Sketch files into Figma and they will convert them into a Figma file for you. What you can’t do is
copy an element in Sketch and then paste it into Figma, doesn’t work that way
unfortunately which has been a little frustrating
because it’s meant sometimes I’ve imported a whole big
project with like you know 20 different iterations of an art board just because I wanted this one element to copy into a Figma file but hey ho. So to wrap up, I would say
that if you’re a Sketch user, it is definitely worth giving Figma a try. I’ve found that all these
small little improvements have sped up my design work flow, just made things easier for me, enough that it has a real
impact on the work that I’m getting done at the end of the day and that’s what’s important to me. The switch is fairly new for
me so I’m sure that I will learn more about the tool and have more nice little
surprises to share with you as I go about using it more
and learning those things. But for now I’m really
happy with the switch and I’m not missing Sketch at all. I wanna be clear too
that I don’t think Sketch is a bad tool by any means, Sketch worked perfectly for me for years and it’s just that now I find
that Figma suits me better. At the end of the day the
best design tool is the one that you find fast and easy to use, and the one that you
feel most confident with. I know that we designers love
to talk about tools though so I hope that you’ve enjoyed watching this video and
hearing my thoughts. I wanna hear what design
tool you use for web design, what’s your go to at the moment, what have you tried out in the past and not got on with so well. Tell me about it down
below in the comments, let’s have a chat down there. If you’re new to my channel as well, then I make new design
videos every single week so hit the subscribe button and I would love to have
you back for the next one. All right, I hope you have a good day no matter what design tool you’re using, go create some good stuff and I’ll see you in the next video, bye. (slow piano music)


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