Sketchbook Inktober 2019 day 21: TREASURE Ink drawing demo – How to Draw dog & lady caricature

How are you? How is your art going?
Welcome to day 21 of inktober 2019 the prompt word today is treasure. I
couldn’t think of any greater treasure than my daughters. I’m doing a sketch of
my youngest daughter as one of the greatest treasures in her life is her dogs, I’m sketching her with a lovely Golden Retriever puppy in her
arms. This will please my idea of treasure and hers. Let me know in the
comments if you have treasure in your life, and if you paint
it. What materials do you like to work in? This channel is my caricature channel. It is for the easier styles of art or using fewer art materials so it’s
affordable. With this particular demonstration I’m only using three
products and water and a brush. I’m starting off with a
micron pen. It has archival ink. it’s lovely to work
with. I also have a copic multiliner in black that I’ve tried, but my favorite
would be the micron pen. Later in the video, I will change and do some shading with a
Caran d’Ache Pablo pencil in a dark grey. Then I switch to one of the brush
pens. There’s a several different brands I’ve tried with brush pens.
My favorite would be the Pentel, made in Japan, it’s quite lovely, and it’s
also water soluble. I took to it with a brush loaded with water. Those are the
materials that I’ve worked with here. Let me know if there’s any particular materials
you’d like me to demonstrate. if I have them, I’m only too happy to demonstrate them. Unlike many others who do reviews of
products on YouTube I don’t accept payment, nor do I take a
consignment or commission fee on sales for materials. So anything I tell you
about art materials you know is fair dinkum. Fair dinkum is an Australian
expression. I’m not sure if you use it. It means true.
So let’s get stuck into the artwork.


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  • Katherine-Christina Artist

    Lovely drawing and shading 🙂

  • AJ Crafts craftingWithAJ

    Wow !! You are amazing. With your wach new video i am awestruck. The puppy looks adorable. Great work !! 🙂


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