Sketchbook Inktober 2019 day 22 GHOST Ink drawing demo

Welcome to day 22 of inktober 2019.
The prompt word is ghost. I’m creating a pen and wash work in ink.
Charlotte is the ghost from my second novel in the Stolen Years Series.
I normally sketch onto watercolor paper, prior to doing a water based painting,
with a 2h pencil which is a very light gray, and you wouldn’t have been able to
see it so that. I used an HB pencil, which is the
most commonly used pencil. It’s a good choice, because it’s easy to rub out if
you want to remove the under sketch marks. I’ve used the Micron pen,
which is my favorite drawing pen. Then I use a Sumi ink, which is a lovely water soluble ink.
I’ve brought a cup of water to the work area. I’m wetting the paper with a
pure Kolinski sable brush. I like to use pure sable because it has great carrying
capacity. You can carry a lot of water in this small brush tip. The brush
also comes to a beautiful point which allows me to work with detail.
I dip the brush into the Sumi ink and create a
pale tint to start the wash work. By working on paper that is
wet the wash that I’ve put down will bleed out as I work I gradually increase the tint strength. I started off with
just the clear water. I left spaces where I wanted the
painting to remain clear. I’m gradually make the tint darker. This darker tint bleeds out into the water.
it’s a lovely way of creating natural foliage in the background.
I work from the back forward with his painting and also from light to dark This ink is Sumi ink 60 by Kuretake It is a flowing black ink suitable for painting. This is my painting of the billabong ghost. Australian had Frontier Wars from 1780s until as late as 1934. Six hundred First
Nations in this country fought back against the British invaders until only the worst land available in this country was left for
them That history parallels that of so many other countries that were colonized. Charlotte, in my novel, is a teenage girl
who was responsible for one of the colonial crimes and her ghost haunts the
Billabong, which is an Australian waterhole. If you like historical fiction, check out my novels. The first Aboriginal Australians arrived on this continent some sixty to
a hundred and twenty thousand years ago, so it’s an ancient culture. I’ll be
continuing this painting for day 23 where the word prompt will be ‘ancient.’
I hope you’ll return and watch this painting being completed.
Are you participating in Inktober or an art challenge? Do you paint? Let me know.
Leave a comment. I’d love it to hear your experience in art.

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