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ever since I was a child I was absorbed
in art and though I’ve never went to an art school and my university major is
something completely different art is something that makes me happy I don’t
know how to draw in the right way I don’t like to follow the rules and I’m
ashamed to call myself an artist but this is my first video and the best way
I can introduce myself is to show you a little part of my world this is how
my sketchbook looks like it’s yellow because yellow is my favorite color it
has this cute little sticker that’s my mom gave me a while ago I think this is
Monchichi and this sign used to say my username but something mysterious
happened to it this picture basically represents myself these are kind of
stickers that I never used anywhere they were planned for another video like
three or four years ago I think but never worked out next page it’s a cutout
of my other sketchbook here we have Alexander Hamilton and here is a bad
word here is a bad word but I was inspired by
a musical Hamilton here are the lyrics from ‘I’m not throwing away my shot’ this
is 2-D from Gorillaz here are the lyrics from ‘ On Melancholy Hill’ and
’19-2000′. these are the sticker that my mom gave me and I don’t like
this page and I actually like this page because it’s not just TARDIS from
Doctor Who but it’s also a secret door that says ‘we are all stories in the end’
but I think I should have worked better on this part but I really like this and
actually it was my idea for this sketchbook to make everything
interactive I guess here is a card from my friend which was given to
me a long long time ago here’s a yellow submarine and some stickers I totally
messed up this page I don’t like that they’re also stickers from my mom this
page I was bored during the class in University
so that’s what happened stickers – don’t like them. and here is
another door and you can actually open here’s an eye but I don’t like that I
don’t like this door and don’t like this page at all I like the idea of it and I even
like the composition but I don’t like the colors because they’re very pale
they’re not so bright and I totally messed up it here because I never let
the drawing dry this is my hand actually .I messed up
here instead of ‘your’ I wrote ‘you are’ it’s also an old drawing. this is Lennon
Gallagher son ofstart off Liam Gallagher from Oasis. these are just some sketches of
eyes. these are some flowers whatever .this is I don’t know what it is. I
really like this one. this is just a thing from jeanes I think and I really
like yellow so. I copied it from…. I’m so ashamed I don’t remember which art that
was but it’s not my idea even not my style I saw it I copied it. this is
Magenta from my favorite movie Rocky Horror Picture Show. this is also one of
my oldest drawings I think I drew it when I was like 16 or 17 years old. I let
my nephew use the sketchbook this is a panda this is an alien named Bab . and
this is when I try to draw him but it doesn’t look like him at all here we have again Lennon Gallagher. as
you’ve noticed I really enjoyed drawing him I don’t like this but I really like
Lennon Gallagher’s eyes this is my ticket from the Gorillaz concert when
they were in Ukraine the drawing with my alcohol marker
(i literally can’t understand myself. i wonder if i can speak Englsih at all by this point) that year I also started my another
sketchbook our first page is this wonderful lady that is done in watercolour but I don’t like it. that was a time when I bought my first alcohol markers as I
mentioned before and I try to do as many works as possible I didn’t know what to
draw and I decided to draw the way I feel this is me this is a heart that actually
looked so much better buti decided to ruin everything with coloring. I don’t
like the colors at all. this is my childhood memory when I was little
somebody gave me a bag and I sat under the chair and just munched everything and
I didn’t share any candy with any one and then I felt really really really bad. this is
me you can interpret this drawing however you want. i really like the heart
here and it’s the Smiths’ lyric ‘I’m not happy and I’m not sad’. this is me and
it’s a skincare routine as a way of pretending that everything is fine and
your life is not falling apart here’s me when I saw that everything is finally
fine and I feel better and nothing bothers me and here is the same thing
see I have the sun above me I always thought it oh my god I’m feeling
so much better but in fact I didn’t this is the sketch of my friends’ room dormitory
and here are some other girls so that’s all for today thank you for joining me
on my first video on this channel and if you like this video
subscribe to this channel maybe I will produce something else anytime soon
give this video a like leave a comment just whatever you want I guess you can follow me
on my social media and on this note I would like to finish this video goodbye

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