Sketches of You

♪♪ [classical music] How lovely. Give my love to your dear aunt.I will.[sighs] ♪♪ I thought you weren’t coming. I moved some things around. ♪♪ Charlotte, I know we
can’t be together. Robert, not here. I know you’ve been
promised to another– Someone may overhear. [door closing] When you’re old and gray, I
want you to remember me. Remember us. So please, keep this always. You never show me your work. What have you sketched? The most beautiful
subject I’ve ever seen. You. I do love you. And I love you. I only wish– [bad violin note]This…is the embodiment of my
lifelong devotion to you. Oh. My love, you’re speechless. You see now how beautiful
you are, don’t you? Yes. I’m so beautiful. I specifically signed it
Margaretinstead of my own nameso you can frame itwithout
arousing suspicion. Oh, I couldn’t. I brought a frame for it. Shoot. And I’ve sketched many more. Once I started, I couldn’t stop. Robert, you really shouldn’t–Oh.I’m riding a dog.A horse. Of course.And why is my hand so large?That’s a pitchfork. Sweet, simple Charlotte. It’s a large fork used for
poking hay and such.Now you’ve merged with
the horse into a centaur.
With two pitchforks for hands?Those are just hands.You really have a hard time
with the pitchforks, don’t you? And what’s that? It’s called Mr. Sun Man. And this one? That’s you, pregnant.You’llbe such a
wonderful mother. Thank you. This one is of you old.This one is of youold and
pregnant,just for kicks.This one is of both of us,
both pregnant, bothmermaids.That one’s your
favorite, isn’t it? I can tell. Yeah. [sighs] Oh, no! What is it? Does my giftoverwhelm you?I worried it might. ♪♪ Who is that? This is what our son would
have looked like all grown up. Or, what you’ll look like after your hormones get really
messed up after menopause. Why would you draw such things? I want to imagine every
version of your future that I cannot be a part of. Including the possibility of
you and Napoleon Bonaparte holding hands in space. What happened to your brain? Are you okay?Male voice: Charlotte?Coming, Father! Remember me always! ♪♪ [sobs] ♪♪ Hey, Grandma Charlotte. Who drew that picture of you? Just my friend Margaret,
who I loved very much. Come on, Robert. Hey, thank you so much
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some of the great work that our art department did. This whole stack. Perfect circular pregnant women. Look on the lips on this baby. Going to wallpaper
my house with these. We’re hanging them all!


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