Sketching Class in Hindi | Day 1 | Drawing Class for Beginners | How to Draw

Hello friends, welcome to our channel which is yours now.
So many compliments and requests have been received. The request is that most of the time kids are spending their
maximum time in school only and have homeworks at home. They don’t have enough time to go
to sketching classes, So they have requested to released some tutorial
class which mentioned what to do in day 1, day 2 etc. Because lots of have confusion that i have
paper, pencil all stuffs but what to draw. So, I will explain you
what are the basic stuffs to start with. for start we need basic things like paper, pencil, eraser but I will explain what are the basic things like still life or memory drawing which you can draw and what are basics of that. I am working tutorial which will be a complete series for day 1, day 2, day 3
a complete series and you will be benfitted from this tutorial.
you will be getting all the videos if you subscribed and share it mamimum and subscribe the channel if still you have not. Share it maximum if you feel
it is benificial for you and for your belongings. Thank you. As i have told you there will a complete
series in which i will explain you how to start
in day 1. First of all you have paper and pencil
but from where will you start. I have asked many people how can you draw
a straight line. Then they draw like this, this, this. But
there is no confident stroke in it. So in day 1
i will explain to draw a straight line and it will be
repeated multiple times almost 100 times. and you have to draw left to right and second is from right to left.
Through this practice anything you can draw like perspective you don’t need any scale,
if you are drawing anything
you can draw a straight line, you can draw a reference line without
scale, This is the first method. and second is from up to down which you have to repeat 100 times and from down to up. You have to practice simultaneously until it become perfect. These are basic things which you have to throughout. There are number
of artist doing this everyday. It is just like warm task like wrarm up
before starting of any game. And the third one is circle.
Many people have problem in drawing circle.Some people make
it bydrawing plus.So many making
by drawing this way. For this i want to say to draw a circle. If you are unable then draw it 100 times from both sides. So you have some basic things.
There is some slant lines like this
and like this and you can draw from down to up
and up to down and from this side
and from opposite side. So these are some basic things in
day 1 and these all things will be coming throughout in sketching life and only these things will be forth coming
if you are doing any sketching or painting or anything elase. So these are the basic
things which you have to practice each and everyday.So these are some basic
things you should practice everyday. The more you practice the more
it will be easier.


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