Sketching in COLOR? A MUST TRY! 【Prismacolor Col-Erase REVIEW】

hello everyone and welcome back to my
channel I’m brushes and bunnies and in this video we’re going to be sketching in
color and reviewing the prismacolor col-e race pencils I’ve been wanting to get my hands on
this product for such a long time it’s next to impossible to find these in
Germany I’m only able to really order them on Amazon and even then it is a
package of 12 with one color and there are very limited colors I believe I can
only get the light blue and maybe one or two other colors and I’ve been really
wanting to try them and try the different colors so when I was in Canada
and realized that I’m able to buy them there I was just so excited for those of
you who don’t know what this product is the col-erase pencil is basically an
erasable colored pencil and it’s basically the product that you see a lot
of artists use when they’re sketching in red or blue
I bought this product in an art store called Desalle which is located in
Ontario Canada I’m not sure what other locations they have but they do sell a
12-pack and they do sell a 24 pack and they also sell them individually in
terms of the price it is super affordable and I was actually really
surprised at how cheap they were for the 24 pack I paid a little bit under $20 or
weight plus tax it was about like I don’t know a little bit over $20 maybe
like $22 or so and I was also able to buy individual colors for under $1 so
it’s actually a really good price point and I was really happy with that in
terms of the products usability I do have a list of pros and cons which I
will go through within this part of the video drawing what the pencil is a
really great experience because it does work on any type of sketch paper or any
sort of mixed media paper or what a color paper basically any paper it works
really well the LED itself has a really nice smooth texture it’s creamy it’s not
dry or brittle which is really great when you’re just sketching and you want
to have a nice loose sketch the pencil does have an eraser and it does work
however I have noticed that it works better for certain colors for example
the Carmine red that I’m using right now in this example was a little bit harder
to erase while the Tuscan red which is one of my favorite colors is a little
bit easier to erase I’m not so sure why that is
but I have noticed this four different colors another thing that I did notice
with the eraser whether you’re using the tip of the pencil or if you’re using any
other type of eraser it does get a bit hard to erase some of the lines you’ve
drawn so for this I would highly recommend that you draw extremely
lightly at first and then as you progress with the sketch you apply more
pressure as you go I’ve just haven’t been able to erase some of the harder
lines that I’ve drawn and this is kind of a natural thing when you’re applying
more pressure it also happens with regular led pencil or a graphite pencil
but yeah this is just something that I’ve noticed where I can’t necessarily
erase all of my lines that I draw something that I really love about these
pencils is the fact that they do not smudge it’s just a really nice feeling
to know that you can be sketching whatever you want in your sketchbook
your hands can be touching everything and going all over the place and you
won’t risk smudging the actual drawing or having lead on your hand or graphite
I should say a graphite lead on your hands which is kind of common when
you’re drawing with actual graphite pencils and this is something that I’ve
been kind of like I had to train myself not to do in the past and yeah with
these pencils it’s not something that I have to worry about so this is actually
something that is is really really nice about the product something that I
really enjoy about the product is the fact that it comes in a large variety of
different colors and you can use these colors for different things some artists
like to use the light blue color for sketching because once they scan the
image and they rework it in Photoshop or any sort of creative drawing tool then
they can easily remove the blue lines and start to build a sketch digitally
from there I’ve never actually tried this method but one color that I really
like is the Tuscan red because it does provide a really beautiful under layer
for one I want to do what a color for example it is muted it is soft and it
blends with my watercolors and it does just doesn’t show up in the watercolor
itself which is something that I really like and it’s completely different than
the graphite pencils that I used to use in fact I have been starting to use
these a lot more now with my general sketching and also with my paintings and
illustrations where I will use the coal erase pencil and then build my media on
top of it and it’s really great because there’s no smudging there’s no crazy
blending issues it’s just a really nice under layer that I can basically build
color on top and or even darken with other colors if I want to in this little
doodle example of a super cute rabbit I just drew quickly with the color race
rose color and I’m just touching or adding color with the touch marker and
you can see that the prismacolor color waist pencil is not bleeding it’s not
sort of I don’t know merging or blending into the actual ink of the marker which
is something that typically happens with the just general graphite pencils so
this is a huge bonus and it’s a big reason why I’m using the color race as
in under layer now rather than using just general graphite pencil when I’m
sketching in my sketchbook with the coal erase pencils I typically use different
colors as well for example a lighter version of a color and then a darker
tone of that same color and as an example I’m using two different types of
Blues and I’m basically just using the darker blue as an accent color to kind
of I don’t know further darkens some parts of the sketch itself and this is
just a style that I I kind of did with my graphite pencils where I’m using
different lead sort of whites and playing around with with fat so I’m kind
of doing the same approach with these pencils and I think that it does turn
out really nice and it’s just something that I really like doing in my
sketchbook itself so this is just another way that you can also use these
pencils to create a little bit more of a contrasting color
all in all I do really love this product the price point itself is really great I
think you do get a lot of bang for your buck for the value that you’re paying
and I’m actually just loving the fact that I can draw freely with them and not
have to worry about it being inexpensive material and you can do a lot with the
material itself also the fact that when you’re using it to draw it does not
smudge so you don’t have to worry about that anymore and also that it comes in
all kinds of different colors where you can just buy the color that you really
like or that fits with your drawing routine this is something that is super
fun and for the price it’s definitely definitely worth it the biggest con in
my eyes is the fact that it’s not as erasable as I wish it could be it is
still possible to erase the lines whether using the eraser on the tip of
the pencil or if you’re using your own eraser it is still possible but the
erasing only works well if you’re trying to erase lightly colored lines and or
with specific colors I did have a difference with the different types of
colors I was using depending on the color I was able to erase it a little
bit better so this is just something that I have observed all in all though I
think that this sort of con is livable and it’s totally fine especially given
the fact that I am just using these pencils to mindlessly sketch in my
sketchbook and or use them as in under layer to my paintings another downside
but this just really comes down to logistics and not to the product itself
is the fact that it’s not so available here in Germany I’m not sure how it is
for other European countries but I cannot really buy these here and this
actually makes me sad because once these colors are done I have nothing left and
I can’t really use them anymore so I’m gonna have to figure something out maybe
go visit Canada again obviously in the near future and by myself like ten packs
and bring them back home but this is just something that’s a little bit of a
downer just that the fact that the product is not readily available in in
Germany and that’s basically all to my review I
hope you did enjoy it please let me know in the comments below if you are using
this product or have used it in the past and what are your thoughts on the
prismacolor col-erase pencils I want to wish you all a lovely Sunday and weekend
and start to the new week and we will see each other next week bye


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