Sketching People in a Cafe !

– [Steph] Are you ready to
go do some sketching inside? – [Adam] I’m ready to drink something. – [Steph] Hi Adamo. – Hello you. – [Steph] What have you got there? – Moza, what is it? Mozzarella, tomato and red pesto. – [Steph] Ooh. – I’m so hungry. – [Steph] I know me too. We’ll see you guys when
we’re at the table. – Yeah, when we’re actually doodling. – [Steph] Hi art friends! – Hello art friends. – [Steph] But what’s this
next to us over here? – [Adam] I think it’s like, snow. – [Steph] Yeah. – It’s part of like a
ski slope type thing. – [Steph] I hope you guys can hear us cause it’s quite loud in here. – It’s pretty loud in here. Isn’t it awesome though? – [Steph] So we’re gonna be sketching but we’re just waiting
on the sandwich first. – Cause I can’t function without food. – Same. And in case you didn’t know guys, we’re aiming to film the video for like every single day this week. – [Adam] Everyday, so hopefully
seven videos for this week. – So wish us luck, guys! – [Adam] That’s the plan. – Problem is that a lot of the locations are quite noisy that we
go to during the week so hopefully you can hear us. – [Adam] We’ll try to caption them so you can actually
read what we’re saying. (Adam and Steph laugh) I think I just found my dream job, guys. If YouTube doesn’t work
out, I’m gonna come and drive a tractor on some snow. – I’m eating my sandwich. (Steph laughs) – [Adam] That’s a big sandwich. We got the same one as well. They had so many. But we’re like, I like
the look of this one. – Neither of us can draw until we’ve ate. – [Adam] And yeah that’s the thing. We cannot function without our food. And it’s such a cute looking place too. Muffin time! And it’s not sponsored either by the way. – [Steph] Let me get mine out. – [Adam] What did you get? – [Steph] I got one with raspberry bits. – [Adam] That actually looks really good. I’m just a lover of chocolate. – And Adam’s very kindly given
me one of the sketchbooks that I bought him for his birthday. (both laugh) – [Adam] Happy birthday! – I bought him a pack
of like a few of these. – [Adam] They’re by Seawhite and they’re actually really
cheap and really good. – I’ve never used a
Seawhite sketchbook before but I’ve heard people
say that they’re good. – [Adam] Yeah, I’m actually
pretty impressed with these, so if you’re up for a
cheap sketchbook, guys, Seawhite is definitely the way to go. – [Steph] Ah, this is a pencil case that I picked up from Tiger but I’ve been using it
quite a bit recently. – [Adam] Yeah, they don’t just do markers. They do like real cute pencil cases too. – We’ve got so many random
bits and pieces in here. – [Adam] Do you have any idea
what you want to draw yet? – Uh, I really wanted to draw my muffin but I don’t have the right colour for it. (Adam laughs) – [Adam] You wanted to draw a muffin? – Yeah and I don’t have my Crayola. You know my little round Crayola that I bring with me everywhere. – [Adam] No! – [Steph] Okay, I’ll have to improvise. – [Adam] You could make it blue. (Steph laughs) It could be a blueberry muffin. Um, do you want to talk about what you’re doing with that wrapper? – [Steph] I forgot to
bring something to put under the page so the muffin bag can do. – [Adam] Oh wow. I’m just sat here like “oh, I don’t know what to draw” and you’re drawing your muffin. – [Steph] Yeah, I’m trying! It’s a weird shape though. (Steph laughs) – [Adam] It’s like,
because we’re surrounded by a lot of snow and stuff, I was thinking about maybe doing something frozen themed. – [Steph] Yeah, I’m probably going to draw a lot of things around here. Frozen’s a really good draw though. – [Adam] Yeah but because
we’re like literally right next to a load of snow and stuff. – [Steph] And there’s people
ice skating past us as well. – [Adam] Yeah, I don’t
know if you guys can see but people are ice skating back there. It’s a really cute place, guys. We might come back and
maybe try ice skating and do some drawing here. (Steph giggles) There’s so much to do in this building. It’s amazing. – I haven’t been ice skating in years. I used to love it when I was younger. – [Adam] And the hint hint guys. I’ve never been ice skating. – That’s more reason to do it. – [Adam] To humiliate
our face off on YouTube. (Steph laughs) Anyway, I should probably get
down to drawing something too. – [Steph] I’m so jealous
of you eating that muffin. So I can’t eat mine because
I’m using it as a reference. (Adam laughs) – Oh no! It’s a really good muffin too. – [Steph] Oh! Can I
have a little of yours? – If you want some, sure. Do you want to try it? – [Steph] Yeah. – [Adam] Seriously, you
will love that muffin. It is so good. Isn’t that like the best
muffin in the world? – Is that chocolatey filling? – [Adam] I think it is, yeah. – That’s good. – [Adam] I’ll have that muffin! We should try to get an
arty shot of the muffin. Even though it’s been half eaten. Here we go, we’ll put
some really nice music. (upbeat music) I’ve just realised why you’re making such fast progress on this. It’s just because you want to eat it. – Yeah, pretty much. (Adam laughs) And then I’ll draw something else. – [Adam] I just want to finish my muffin! Well, I suppose I should
probably draw something now that I’ve completely
destroyed that muffin. – [Steph] And I’m still
trying to quickly sketch this one so that I can eat it. – [Adam] Are you having to
choose really weird colours because you haven’t got
the ones that you wanted? – [Steph] Yeah, it’s just
totally an artistic, weird, abstract interpretation of a muffin. – [Adam] I would not buy that muffin. (Adam laughs) No, it’s cute! – [Steph] Oh, I’ve got
pencils that I could shape the topping with. – [Adam] Oh, okay! – [Steph] I never use pencils. – [Adam] It’s like a
lemonade palette type thing. – [Steph] I mean, I know it’s not brown but it’s the darkest tone. – [Adam] Hey, you gotta
work with what you got. – [Steph] Yeah, that’s what
I’ve missed about our videos is that you just have to work with whatever resources that you have at hand. – [Adam] Yeah when we’re at
home, if we need something and it’s not a challenge,
we can go and get it. But when we’re in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by snow,
you just gotta make do. – Yeah. – [Adam] You’re even smudging? I’m so proud of you. – Yeah, I’m stealing all
your techniques right now. – [Adam] I’m so proud. – [Steph] I don’t know if
it’s really working for me. – [Adam] Because of where we are, I mean, have you ever been ice skating before? – I used to go a lot when I was younger cause I used to live kinda
near an ice skating rink – [Adam] I’m quite surprised to learn this because I didn’t actually
know until just now that you were like an Olympic skater. – I wasn’t an Olympic skater! I can’t skate very well. – [Adam] We’ll do another video here and Steph will show
you her skating skills. – I fall over a lot. (Steph laughs) – [Adam] Oh, YouTube loves that. I better get drawing something too. Oh, is it finally time? – I’ve drawn a weird muffin
so now I’m allowed to eat it. – [Adam] I earned this! – I did. – [Adam] You have to let
me know what it’s like. Is it good? – It really tastes of raspberry. – [Adam] Mmm. I’d partly come here again
just for the muffins. Those alone were awesome. I haven’t even opened my sketchbook yet. (Adam laughs) I’ve just been sat here eating. – This is my first time being at the Starbucks near us as well. – [Adam] Same here. I can’t remember the last
time I’ve been to one. So Starbucks if you’re listening, look at all this free
promotion you’re getting. (Steph laughs) – What are you gonna draw? – [Adam] What am I gonna draw? I was even gonna draw something like I said, something frozen themed or there’s so many people cutely dressed I might try and life draw someone. – I can’t see anyone from where I’m sat cause it’s all reserved empty tables. – [Adam] Yeah, maybe you could draw a really nice reserved table. (Steph laughs) That’d be pretty cute. So yeah, I might try to draw one of the people that are here. That would be quite good. – Great. – [Adam] Okay, let’s get drawing. – [Steph] I see that
you’re sketching something. – [Adam] Yeah. – [Steph] The lighting’s
a bit funny in here. – [Adam] I know the
light kind of like, ahhh! – [Steph] I think we might
be sketching the same person. – Really? Did they have like a scarf
that went into sleeves? – [Steph] I don’t know. I only saw her hat. – [Adam] Oh, the person
that I seen had like a hat which was like a scarf and at the end, had little mitten bits. – [Steph] Yeah, it might be. If you can see it, all the
people have come here now and they’re all wearing
cute little winter clothes. – Looks so fun. It’s like, I wish there was something like this when I was a
kid just being able to go and have snowball fights
like any time of the year. I think it’s amazing. – [Steph] I wonder if adults are allowed cause like all these
people seem to have kids. – I don’t think adults are allowed. Could you see us in the little
tree house thing over there. – [Steph] We need to borrow
someone’s child so we can go. (both laugh) – Can I babysit your kid? I wanna go and play in the snow. I think it’s so cute and
the skating rink thing goes all around it too. – [Steph] I know, it’s so cool. The windows are all frosted up as well which is cute. – So cosy! – [Steph] If you wanna borrow anything from my pencil case as well you can. – I think I might do cause
I’ve only got a pencil. – [Steph] Yeah, I didn’t really
think about what to bring so I haven’t got like
anything to properly line. I don’t have any inking pens
or ballpoint pens or anything. – It takes us back to
when we very first started doing Doodle Date. guys,
when we very first started. The stuff that we brought was
literally all that we owned. (both laugh) So we just sort of made do but it’s nice. – [Steph] It’s fun, yeah. – It reminds me of when we very
first started and it’s nice. The person that I seen
was like just a little kid and they had this massive poofy coat. – [Steph] Oh no, it was a mum that I saw. – [Adam] Oh no, it looked
like wriggling around with their hands out. (both laugh) – [Adam] Oh, I like the pen. That’s really cute. – [Steph] Yeah that’s the cute
thing about winter clothes. I love Christmas jumpers and woolly hats. – [Adam] The patterns and
things are so cute, yeah. – [Steph] It’s ironic
that we’re drawing this when it’s getting full on like summer now. – [Adam] Yeah. – [Steph] And because I
don’t have a proper pen to line with, I’m having
to use a brush marker to do all the details and
stuff which is a challenge. – [Adam] Something we
could do is when it is like fully summer, we could come here. I’d love to have a snowball fight with you in the middle of June. (Steph laughs) – [Steph] Red nose, cause it’s cold. – [Adam] I really love that hat so I want to do a hat similar. – [Steph] Hey! You’re stealing. (both laugh) – [Adam] Kind of intimidating, guys. I need to use some of these things and I never ever use Steph’s art supplies. – [Steph] You don’t have to! You could just pencil
sketch if you want to. – [Adam] Because there’s stuff in there I felt like I should use something. (Steph laughs) At least one thing. – You talk about how much you miss just pencil sketching and then I let you and then you’re like
“Oh, I don’t want to”. – [Adam] It’s that pattern. The pattern’s doing it for me. Oh, you even brought model lines too. – [Steph] Yeah you got
me these for my birthday. And I’ve been really into
these little V pens recently. – [Adam] Oh those are like those disposable fountain pen things. – We could probably do
a new pencil case video for one of these to show everyone what my new favourite art supplies are. – [Adam] If you want to see another pencil case video, guys, let us know. – Not that Adam’s has really
changed, but mine has! (both laugh) – [Adam] You were looking
at my pencil case! You know what, I’m going
to stick with pencil. – Are you? – [Adam] Yeah, I’m gonna do it. – [Steph] I’ve got one
of your pencils in here that I was just using. – [Adam] I know, I can see it. – [Steph] It’s a Mitsubishi one I think. – [Adam] Oh, that’s a pretty good one. – Feel free to use that if you want to. – [Adam] Oh, okay. – [Steph] That’s how
mine’s looking so far. And over here, what a
surprise, you’re smudging. – That’s what I do. – [Steph] It is. (Steph laughs) – [Adam] My red nose, a
smudged nose at least. – [Steph] The shadows are
always so weird in these places. – [Adam] I know, right? There you go. Can you see it a little bit better? (Steph laughs) – [Steph] Oh, that’s so cute! I’ve seen which kid that is. – There’s this one family down there and it’s like a mum, a dad, and a kid, and the dad just keeps pelting
snowballs at this poor mum. (both laugh) I feel so sorry for her. – [Steph] I thought you
were going to say the kid. (both laugh) – I think that’d be worse. – [Steph] Oh, there’s a couple kissing on the ice rink right next to us. I think they think no one can see them. That’s a bit awkward. It might be out of your blind spot. It’s right down in that corner. – Disgusting behaviour! There is a time and place. (Steph laughs) Someone should throw a snowball at them. – [Steph] You should draw
them and you throwing at them. I actually threw out all the green pens out of my pencil case earlier cause I was like who needs them – What, like all of them? – [Steph] I need one for the straw. – I was going to say,
can you mix colours? Duh! (Steph laughs) – [Steph] No, I’ll try my best. – What about this one? – [Steph] That’s orange. (Steph laughs) – Well, it looks kind of similar to me. – [Steph] Adam’s colour blind by the way. – Oh, don’t bring this up again, please! – [Steph] I can tell
that this is the colour that you’ve been using just
down to the size of it. Look at the size of mine. I’ve been using this for
like a year or something. – [Adam] All of my pencils
just look really small. I collect them and that’s why I ended up getting one of these. – [Steph] Oh, your pencil holders! – Yeah, because this one is only that big. – [Steph] I haven’t seen you
talk about these in that long. Do you still use them then? – Yeah, totally. – [Steph] Oh right! – I mean not necessarily in Doodle Date, but especially because these pencils, the Mitsubishi ones. – [Steph] Cause you’re so quiet when you draw at your
desk, I don’t realise what supplies you’re using. – Well because the Mitsubishi ones are so expensive to import as well I’m gonna make sure I get
use out of all of these. – [Steph] The most use, yeah. – But yeah, they’re really
useful little things. – [Steph] I doodled
the drinks, the muffin, and I’ve got the snowy lady. – [Adam] That kinda looks, I
bet you would dress like that. It kinda looks like you. – [Steph] That’s the thing. If I see that in the future,
I’m gonna think that’s me. (Steph laughs) – Want to see mine? – [Steph] Yeah. – [Adam] It’s kinda smudgy. – [Steph] Aww, it’s really cute. And it’s very true to Adam
drawing that it’s all in pencil. – Yeah, it’s been awhile
since I’ve done one of those. It’s been nice to actually draw something similar to how when we very first started. It was fun. – [Steph] Subscribe for more of our videos and I’ll link some of
the ones up on screen. We’ll be posting again
tomorrow, so see you then. – [Adam] Yep, we’ll
see you tomorrow, guys. And this is what we doodled! – [Steph] And this is the finished art. Bye! – [Adam] Bye, guys! – [Steph] Doodle Date – [Adam] Doodle Date


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