Sketching your Pets with coloured pencils!

last week I did a live stream and I
requested some people send me their most embarrassing pet photos so I have
something to draw during the livestream. I’ve been doing animal sketches,
specifically pet sketches, for patreon and I thought that this would be an
interesting way to let my art take a bit wider reach. I don’t know if I’ve done
that. but it was really fun and really productive. I did get a bunch of pictures-
thank you so much! it really helps me. I ended up preparing way more than I was
able to do because I thought if this stream itself got to be well attended I
could have just kept going throughout the night and I wanted to be prepared
for that that isn’t at all what happened. it was a
pretty typical dead live stream. watching these drawings go really really fast is
fascinating to me. I didn’t use any pencils in these sketches, I started with
pencil crayon. you might think gee that’s kind of risky… you can’t really erase
pencil… but that’s okay because when you’re sketching things you
shouldn’t need to erase anything. your eye should follow the correct lines that
you end up with. I started with a really light color for that reason, so
that it’s easier to ignore the wrong lines. and then I follow the strongest
lines with a much darker color. I thought this was way more fun than sketching
with pencil because you end up with something that is more colored and more
interesting and more sketchy looking because, again, I can’t erase any of it. I
also got a lot less of that shiny surface glare from cameras and it might
make it a little easier to see? although the lighter colors are definitely still
hard to see. if you want one of these sketches for your own pet please come
and join us for one month on patreon. there is a $10 sketch tier where
I mail out a random sketch that I did during the month and since this month
we’re doing pets, this is a really great opportunity to get a really inexpensive
original sketch of your pet or some other animal that you really
like? also this weekend, if you are in the Metro Vancouver area, I have three 12
inch by 12 inch quartz city paintings going on at the international artists
day Anonymous Art Show gala. this is at the 100 braid street studios and
gallery in New Westminster. the gala itself I think it’s like $45 a ticket?
these are for art collectors mostly who really want to go in and have an
opportunity to get art for a really really inexpensive price. every painting
at that show is going up for one hundred and fifty dollars and it’s a foot square
painting on canvas! and I put a lot of time into these. way more than a hundred
and fifty dollars worth for sure. so this is a really really good opportunity for
people who want to own a piece of my art but can’t really afford it. it’s also
a really recent piece of art in a really recent recent series that I started with:
the cities painted like crystals. that’s on Friday October the 25th and I believe
over the weekend , anyone can go see it during the day for free I believe? but
there’s a risk though that all the paintings will be sold by then. maybe not?
maybe you can just go in… if not, I’ll be putting them into my shop at the end of
next week probably… at a much more appropriate price. although if you see
this and you don’t live in Metro Vancouver and you won’t have an
opportunity to buy it at the show price, I think it’s only fair to offer it to
people who know about the event and can’t go… so let me know! send me a
message. I also recently ordered a bunch of really cool textured art prints that
look so much like watercolor paper! so these prints do have a distinct look of
an original watercolor painting and they’re really inexpensive . I have
those in the shop already if you want to check those out. thanks again for lending
me your pets to draw for this live stream! and I’ll see you next time

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