Soft Pastel Marathon – Day 6 | How to draw a painterly rose tutorial

hey guys it’s Kate and this is day six
video so here I am drawing a rose and I am trying to kind of get this painterly
appearance of the rose I’m not a huge friend of flowers but this is my attempt
so don’t judge too harshly so again I’m using my Strathmore toned paper
sketchbook and you can see that on the side I am selecting different colors and
one advice that I can give you about flowers even though I’m not like very good at them
yet but the soft pastels they are very soft like extra soft pastels they work a
whole lot better than the hard ones so they could have covered the paper more
and you can work over the top of them and one thing that I noticed about
drawing flowers is that in the middle usually where the petals kind of grow
out of especially you can see it with such flowers like roses you can see that
kind of glow and usually it’s warm so with that warm glow you can add that
brightness to the flower and the other thing is also don’t use too much grayed
colors or like browns and colors that are not saturated as that is gonna make
your flower look kind of dull so you can see that I’m using colors that are very bright I’d say and that is gonna give
the flower nice appearance so basically what I’m doing is I’m working with the
side of my pastel and I am adding those strokes in the way that the petals are
on the flower and I’m dividing the rose into two parts one is in the shadow and
the other one is in the light as I have it in the reference photo it’s great if
you can work from life that’s even better but if you don’t have a rose right
in front of you do you use a picture you also find this same picture that I used
on my patreon as free access and you can download it and also this tutorial is in
real time and narrated on my patreon as well so I’m kind of trying to push my
patreon ahead a bit so I am going back and forth between the two colors of the
mid-tone and the darker colors and basically I’m blending my pastel with
the pastel itself not with the fingers so you can see when I’m layering the
color over I am layering it over the previous layers and kind of blends the
two together and one important thing also that I learned about drawing
flowers is that you need to keep those edges of the petals because otherwise
your flower is going to look like a bit of a mess I was trying my hardest here
so once again I’m saying not a huge expert at flowers yet but I’m
still learning and yeah this is basically it I hope you enjoyed this
time-lapse and I will see you in the future tutorials bye


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