Sorastro’s Descent Painting Guide Ep.1: Syndrael

Hello, and welcome to Episode 1
of Sorastro’s Descent painting series. In these videos, we’ll be painting miniatures from Fantasy Flight’s Descent:
Journeys In the Dark 2nd Edition, beginning with the base-set hero Syndrael. Aimed at the beginner painter, this video
will explore simple, easy-to-follow steps that should allow anyone to access the hobby and produce results that will look great on the tabletop. For details concerning brushes and paints,
please refer to the video description below. Let’s now look at the steps
we’ll be using to paint our first hero from Descent: Journeys in the Dark. We’ll prepare the miniature by removing any mould lines and priming the figure with a white spray-on primer. We’ll then apply bright, neat base colours along with some simple drybrushing
for the armour and shield. Next, we’ll apply some dark washes
to create some depth We’ll then add some highlights
along with some finishing touches which will include some optional basing ideas. Let’s begin! First, we check for any mould lines and carefully
cut or scrape them away with a craft knife. Next, we need to prepare the surface
for painting with a primer. For my heroes, I’ve chosen a white spray-on primer, and I’m using Citadel’s Corax White –
which is actually an off-white light grey. A couple of light sprays should provide good
coverage without causing any loss of detail. Once the primer is dry,
we’re ready to apply the base colours. We’ll begin by painting all of
the golden areas of the miniature. For that, I’m using Citadel’s Retributor Armour. We nearly always mix in a couple
of drops of water to thin the paint in order to achieve a consistency
that won’t destroy the details on the miniature. We now paint all of the gold-
coloured armour and the shield. Even a single coat of this gives us
a beautifully rich, bright golden colour, but a second thin layer may be needed
to create a truly solid finish. Once that’s dry, we’re going to apply
a drybrush to pick out the highlights. To do this, I’m using Citadel’s Golden Griffon,
which has a thick dry consistency, but this can be done with
any shade of light gold you like. Using a large flat brush, we collect some paint,
then wipe most of it off before lightly brushing the miniature repeatedly
until we have a look we’re happy with. What we’re looking for here, is the brighter tone
being picked up by the raised surfaces and edges, whilst the recesses should remain untouched. The reason we’re adding this drybrush highlight now
rather than in the highlighting stage, is simply because it’s a slightly messy technique, and at this stage we don’t need to worry
about hitting the other areas of the miniature as they’ve yet to be painted. Drybrushed highlights usually
give a slightly rough finish, which may not be ideal for smoother textures like fabric but is OK if you’re looking for a simple
but effective approach to painting armour. With the drybrushing complete, we can
now paint the remaining parts of the figure. For the gloves, I’m using Averland Sunset,
once again thinned with a little water. For all of these base colours, two or three layers
may be needed to produce a strong, even tone. For the areas of green fabric, I’m using Sybarite Green. The leggings have a more blueish look, so I’m creating an equal mix of
Sybarite Green and Sotek Green. I generally work with a size 1 brush,
but might switch to a size 0 for more detailed work. For the skin, I’m using Kislev Flesh,
which is quite a pale skin tone. I’m now using some Screaming Skull for the hair. This may seem a little pale, but the colour will change significantly
when we add the dark wash in the next stage. Finally, I’m using some Runefang Steel for the sword. With all of the base colours neatly applied,
we’re ready to do some shading. We’ll now apply a series of dark washes
to begin creating some contrast. I’m starting with some
Coelia Greenshade for the clothing. All of these washes need a good shake before using, and are simply applied neat
to the areas we want to shade. We’re using this shade for all
of the blue/green areas of fabric. We can see here what a nice job the wash does
of darkening those recesses down. We should try not to load too much wash
onto the brush to avoid flooding the miniature. Next, I’m using some Reikland Fleshshade for the skin. We might want to apply some additional shade
around the eyes, nose and mouth areas, as well as beneath the chin
to gently strengthen the shadows. For the armour and shield, I’m going to create an equal
mix of Agrax Earthshade and Casandora Yellow, using three large brushfuls of each. This should give us the required
level of depth in the shadows, but also help to strengthen the warm,
golden look of the metalwork. We can also shade the gloves with this mix. And the hair as well. This should produce a beautiful golden blonde colour with just enough contrast and depth in the recesses. Additional shade may be added selectively to further darken the shadowed areas
and accentuate the form. Finally, I’m using an equal mix of Nuln Oil
with some Agrax Earthshade for the sword. The addition of the brown is to give the sword
a slightly warmer, tarnished finish. To add some interest here, I’m going
to apply around three layers of this wash, reducing the area I’m covering to create a build up
of shade the closer we get to the cross guard. We let the previous layer dry before adding the next, but it shouldn’t take long to build up a nice
bit of contrast along the edge of the blade. Once the shades are dry,
we’re ready to add some highlights. We’re going to begin by highlighting the green fabric. Since the washes we’ve just added
have darkened the miniature, our first layer of highlight can simply be
a reapplication of the base colour – in this case – Sybarite Green. I’m going to thin the paint slightly more
than I did when I applied it as a base colour, so that it has a semi-translucent quality,
which will allow us to achieve smoother transitions. We’re now highlighting most of
the raised parts of the fabric but leaving the darker recesses untouched. Here on the cloak, I’m building up
the highlight in two or three thin layers. Now we’re going to lighten the colour
with the addition of a little white. This lighter highlight now wants to cover a smaller
area within the highlights we’ve already added, focusing on the most raised peaks in the fabric
and the tops of the shoulders, since these are the places we expect
would catch the most light. Additional white may be added
to boost the highlights further. Giving the brush a small twist
on some paper, or your hand even, can help maintain a nice pointed tip. The lighter the highlight,
the smaller the area we want to hit. Here, I’m using the side of the brush
to add an easy bit of edge highlighting to the cloak. We’re now going to repeat this process for the leggings, starting with a reapplication of
the original Sybarite and Sotek Green mix. And once again, we can simply add
some white to produce a lighter tone for the smaller, most raised parts
of the fabric, as well as the edges. Additional white can be added
to lighten the highlights further. For the skin, we can reapply some thinned Kislev Flesh, taking care to avoid the areas
we want to remain shadowed, such as the eye sockets, the lips,
and the areas under the nose and under the chin. Two thin layers should give us a smooth, solid finish. We can then add a small amount of white
to provide a lighter, gentle highlight, focusing on the forehead,
cheekbones, and the top of the nose. Since the armour and shield
have already received a drybrush, you might not feel the need
to give them any further highlights. If you do, a roughly equal mix of Retributor Armour
with a lighter shade of gold, like Liberator Gold, should give you the right tone
to add a few additional highlights and give a little extra emphasis
to the brightest parts of the armour and shield. We might also like to build a little extra depth with the addition of another layer
or two of our yellow/brown shade, to further darken the shadows and strengthen the form. Here you can see I’ve given
the shield some added dimension by giving additional highlights to the left side,
whilst I’ve shaded down the right side. For the gloves, we can provide
a reapplication of Averland Sunset, followed by a second, smaller highlight,
made with the addition of a little white. It’s worth trying to hit the individual
knuckles and finger tips with this. For the hair, I’ve chosen to add
just one or two very gentle, light highlights with some thinned Screaming Skull. Once we’re happy with the highlights,
we’re ready to add some finishing touches. The first finishing touch I’ve chosen to add,
is a thin yellow glaze. For this, I’m mixing around
six brushfuls of Lahmian Medium with one brushful of Lamenters yellow. I prefer using a medium for very thin mixes like this because the flow and coverage
is better than using water. Now I’ve measured out the medium,
I’m adding my one brushful of the yellow. I’m then going to brush this onto
the green coloured fabric, the hair, and the skin. The purpose of this glaze
is to impart a gentle yellow tint, which helps to unify the miniature
and give a gentle golden glow to the highlights. This only takes a couple of minutes to dry, after which I might add a second selective layer
to boost the yellow further in the highlights. Although this is an easy step to perform, we do need to take care not to
let the glaze pool in the recesses. Next, I’m going to add a little
colour and definition to the lips by simply brushing an on a small amount
of the red shade – Carroburg Crimson. I later on decided to provide a little eye shadow
with some Coelia Greenshade, Now would also be the time to paint the base unless of course you’re planning
to rebase the miniature as I’m doing. To paint the base, a plain grey, such as
Mechanicus Standard Grey, would work fine. Whether you’re rebasing or not, we now need
to protect the figure with a matte varnish, and I’m using Testor’s Dullcote for this. To rebase the miniature,
I’m using bases by Micro Art Studio, and here’s how I’ve chosen to paint them: After spraying with a black primer, I’m using a large flat brush to provide
a rough base coat of Stormvermin Fur. This will need a couple of coats, and it’s OK if we leave some
of the cracks an untouched black. I’m then introducing some subtle variety by painting some of the flagstones
with a slightly lighter tone. This could be achieved by adding
some white to the base colour, but I’ve chosen to use Dawnstone. I’m now going to provide a drybrush
using some Terminatus Stone. If you’re painting a set of bases, it makes
sense to batch paint them as I’m doing here. Next, we’re going to provide a wash using
an equal mix of Agrax Earthshade and Nuln Oil. Once that’s dry, I’m adding a final, lighter drybrush
– once again with the Terminatus Stone – focusing primarily on the most
prominent edges of the base. I’m now going to paint the leaves we can see here. You could of course paint the leaves any colour you like. I’ve chosen a mid-tone green base, followed with some yellow and orange highlights, to achieve a more autumnal look. For the green, I’m using Death World Forest. Take care to ensure you identify
all of the leaves on the base as it’s easy to miss some – as I’ve done here. I’m then applying varying amounts
of thinned Yriel Yellow, drawing the paint up towards the edges of the leaves. I’ve also chosen to add some some
Troll Slayer Orange to some of the edges, or random portions of the leaves,
to show the effect of the leaves turning. We can then finish the base off
by neatening the rim with some black paint before spraying with the matte varnish. Now we need to remove Syndrael
from her existing base with a craft knife and select the new base we’re going to replace it with. For a strong finish, we can use
a hobby drill to drill up into the feet and glue in a section of wire – such as a paper clip. These can then be clipped back
to around half a centimetre. After drilling counterpart holes in the base,
we can superglue the miniature into position. And this completes Syndrael. Thank you so much for watching. If you like the video, please subscribe
or visit the Patreon page where you can sign up to help me
produce even more content. My special thanks go out to all of the current patrons
who are so generously helping to finance this work. Join me again soon as we continue painting
miniatures from Descent: Journeys in the Dark. Happy painting!


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    Thank you so much for doing these videos!!!! I am descending into the world of table top gaming and knew that I must also try mini painting as well. I really enjoy the step by step breakdown of your process and technique. I am a total beginner but feel confident in tackling this task armed with your amazing reference material. I appreciate the time and effort that you put into your videos, they are quite pleasing to watch.

  • Stomping Freak

    Question, why didn’t you paint the eyes? I’ve watch 99% of your video(love your style, pacing, tone of narration). You normally do the eyes. Are they too small on these miniatures?

  • Mabiony

    Hm. Now i understand why they dont sell them painted. So much work. Good job.

  • Wind Blade

    Hi Sorastro – I came across your videos as a new painter and your step-by-step guide gave me the courage to hopefully not mess up my Descent set by adding color to it. I have been following you now for both Syndrael and Jain and they have come out pretty decently. Thank you for making these videos but I have to say I am in AWE of your ability to do detail. How are you able to see the details you have in the video? Magnifying glass? Also, what size brushes do you normally use because I swear I don't know how you put on EYESHADOW on some of these things. Thanks again – I'll be looking to provide some support to you via Patreon.

  • aaanathema

    I like the end result very much. You sure got some skills and a big talent, mister! 🙂 I hope my own miniatures will come out half as good as yours 😀

  • KatalistProductions-Kozzy-Sasha

    Just picked this up for my Nephew and Nieces, they loved Hero's Quest and we just finished, they did wonderful. Excited to play Descent with them! I was looking at the characters and I thought I wanted to paint them right away, found this video right away thanks!


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