Special Hobby 1/48 Saab AJ-37 Viggen Attack Version build PART 1

Welcome to my very first full-build video. In this series we are going to build Special Hobby´s 1/48 SAAB Viggen. This is part 1 and this part is about building the cockpit using aftermarket photo etch to bring more details to the model. First, scribe off roughly the original detail. Any sharp hobby knife will do the job After scribing use coarse sanding paper or a stick. i´m using a very old Ultimate Modeling productions stick. They are available at www.hpns.eu Detail is gone! Repeat process to all parts that you are going to replace with photo etch. Instrument panel done! Rudder pedals. We need to cut two whole sections off this part to install photo etch. Kits manual or the photo etch manual will show exactly where to cut. All parts prepared for installing photo etch. Tamiya extra thin glue. A bit of a struggle here… Cant get it straight.. …so we need bigger tools! Got it! Now me move to the painting. Attaching all parts to toothpicks using blue stack. I drilled a hole under the cockpit where ejection seat will be glued. Now it is easier to attach it to the toothpick. Ready for base coat! Vallejo black surface primer. This is the polyurethane one. I´m using Ultimate Modelling Products´s Apex Airbrush at 30 psi. Apex is available at www.hpns.eu. It´s good time to prime the cockpit area also while your at it. Primer dries about 10 minutes. XF-19 Sky Grey is a good match for Viggen´s cockpit color. Don´t paint the whole cockpit neat! Leave visible primer coat in corners and darker places. Paint needed a bit thinning. Using Mr.Hobby thinners here. Tamiya´s own X20A and plain tab water will also work just fine! I used about 40/60 mix paint/thinner. Paint flow is good. Here you can see that i left a bit primer layer visible in some corners and darker places. Spraying inside of cockpit also. I made a little mistake here and now i´m fixing it. Using same Valeejo black primer with brush now. Now using the same paint i´m painting small buttons etc. inside cockpit. Paint dried about 15 minutes. Here are the tools needed for installing photo etch. I use same hobby knife to cut out the photo etch parts from the fret. Hobby mat is a good platform to cut your pieces off. It bends a little but not too much! Its good to drift parts before gluing them. I was haven a bit fit issues here, but nothing major. Use CA glue to glue metal parts! Toothpick is a good tool to spread glue. Flat-tipped bending plyers. Rudder pedals installed. Few more small parts to be installed in instrument panel. Done! Now i paint control sticks and other small devices with XF-19. Still few buttons has to be painted inside the cockpit sidewalls. Using smallest brush i could find. Sorry about the angle, needed good lightning here! Done. All parts coated with Tamiya XF-86 Flat Clear. High air pressure and no thinning required. Using CA glue to install remaining parts. Dry fitting cockpit in to the fuselage. Fit is great. Now gluing it in. Part 1 now finished. In part 2 we construct the whole fuselage, air intakes and wings. Part 2 out in a few days! 🙂


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