Speed Up Gun Cleaning with Micro RCS

Today we’re going to talk quickly about the RCS micro. This version
is meant to be used in a mixing room. It’s a very small cabinet for cleaning your
spray gun very quickly after each paint job. The important part of all this is speed,
walk out of the booth quickly clean your spray gun. Its gotta pick up tube and a
drain tube that go into an empty five-gallon pail for the drain. A full five gallon, or even a single gallon if thats what you use. Very simple you connect the air
connection to it, so it has 3 PSI powers of air into the handle. It allows that air to blow through the air passages so that when you’re cleaning no
solution gets inside the gun body. You simply press this button in. Move it up and down on the brush and the blow dryer inside will blow your gun dry. So now in just 20-25 seconds, I can stick my next cup on and ready for my next color. Very quick, very efficient, at the end of the
day we still recommend you disassemble your spray gun clean your fluid nozzle and air cap
and put it away at the end of the day clean and ready to use the next.


  • Collision714

    Great videos I hope we see more of them…

  • The Brand

    I love Sata gun cleaners!

  • LaRueOBR556

    Just installed my RCS micro. Do you recommend just straight pure water for cleaning agent? Also it I set mine to 58psi inlet on cleaner the wash side had plenty of pressure but the dry side seams week like barely any pressure is that normal? Reason I ask is in the video yours appears about the same.


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