SPLATOON Inkling/Squid Tutorial- Handmade Polymer Clay Sculpture (Amiibo)

Start with a ball of clay. Pinch one side to form a cone and flatten it. Cut a bit off each side to form an arrow shape. Smooth out the arrow shaped piece. Lightly press on the clay to flatten it a bit. Take a circular tool and press it into the clay for the eyes. Next, make 3 cuts near the bottom for the tentacles. Spread out the tentacles and shape them into little cones. Take another round piece of clay and pinch one side to form a cone. Pinch & pull the other side to form long arms. Roll out 2 small pieces of clay and press them into the eyes. Roll out a piece of clay, bend it, and place over the top of the eyes. Cut off the extra clay, and blend it in. Insert an eye pin. Now attach & blend the tentacles to the side of the body. Now bake it! (Follow the directions on your clay package). Paint the body orange (or whatever color you want). Add black paint around the eyes. Paint a grey circle inside each eye. Then paint black circles on top of the grey ones. Add a tiny amount of red paint to the tip of the tentacles. Then use a DRY brush to blend the paint onto the body. Repeat this for the small tentacles on the face. Finally, paint small orange ovals on both tentacles. Paint the back of the tentacles and eyes white for extra brightness. Don’t forget to add a thin layer of glaze to protect the details.


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