Sponge and Sponge Dauber

The Sponge and Sponge Daubers offered by Close To My Heart enable you to create some gorgeous and fantastic stippling and shading on your projects and scrapbook pages. You can use the large sponge to get a more mottled and textured look when paired with our dye-based inks. The Sponge also covers a larger area, making creating a background texture across a full page go much faster! You can also cut the larger sponge up for ease of use with many different colors. It’s very simple to cut out here I’ve got a little wedge that I’ve cut out and you can see that that’s it! So you can get a lot of usage of one sponge. Sponge Daubers are specially designed to fit over your finger for ease of control and contain a denser sponge tip that creates smoother, darker, and finer sponging and inking saturation. Let me show you Here I’ve got my Thistle ink and my dauber on my finger And I’m just going to go across there you can see a much darker, richer, beautiful look! So you can see right there that beautiful soft edge. They’re also perfect for sponging smaller areas and for layering inks on a page to create an ombre look. So let’s look over here at this layout. You can see my title “Vacation” has a variation of color. What I did was used a sponge dauber Used my ink, one ink only and and by lightly putting the sponge dauber on to my actual stamped image and then making a darker impression there with the sponge dauber, you can make that ombre look appear Really fun, really beautiful and really trendy! Our Sponge Daubers come in a value pack so you can make the most of sponging at an affordable price! And, you can keep your colored sponge daubers organized by storing them in the sponge dauber foam insert and the small organizer. For more information on these and other products, contact your Independent Consultant.

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