Spray painting stucco house exterior.

this video by Abn painting shows
preparation work and spray painting stucco house with wood trim after
pressure-washed the house we did all the repairs and masking using elastomeric
patch we filled hairline cracks in stucco as well as wood trim will masked off the
windows natural stone using tarps covered plants and concrete around the
house and after we finished with preparation work this is the look of the
hugs we’re spray paint in this house using
four different colors the first color is for the body of the
house second colors for the wood trim third an accent color for the wood
trim around the windows and all wood doors
and the fourth call is for all metal doors and we start by spray-painting the
wood trim after we’re done with the main part of
the wood trim we’re using an accent color for the trim around the windows
and all the wood doors before spray-painting the doors or we remove
the weather strips and apply 1.5 inch blue painters tape to
the inner part of the door trim that will catch any potential overspray to spray-paint metal doors we masks
off the surfaces that’s been painted the accent color on the metal doors we masked off the
hardware and dusted them off just before spray-painting for the metal we’re using
oil-based rust-oleum spray paint the only thing that has left the paint
right now is the body of the house we masked off all the excellent colors that
we just painted for the trim around the windows and we used yellow tape
and for the rest of the trim we used masking paper we mask off with
plastic freshly painted doors we covered the concrete with plastic that
will get a lot of paint from spray-painting ceiling and the concrete that may
get a little bit of a spray or we covered with tarps we spray painted the
ceilings first and now we painting all the walls after we done with spray-painting we
removed paper and plastic did a few touch-ups and after we finished this is
the look of the house

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