Spraying Epoxy Primer on a Car – Direct To Metal Primer – Kevin Tetz and Eastwood

if you’re wondering what primer you
should use when you strip your car to bare metal the choice is simple its Eastwood epoxy
primer which is a direct metal primer that creates the perfect foundation for
any paint job it’s 50 state compliant and available in
white gray and black plus it’s a one-to-one mix ratio which means one
gallon of epoxy and one count of catalyst makes two gallons sprayable if
you care about your car and the paint don’t put auto parts store spray bomb
paint on it it’s not going to work and eventually the pain is going to fail and
here’s another little tip when you get your car to bare metal wipe it down with
Eastwood fast edge which is going to remove the rust from all those tiny pits
and prevent it from creeping back through your paint and ruining your
paint job now let’s check on kevin gates was recently spraying Eastwood epoxy
primer on his 1978 camaro on an episode of hands-on cars its years back don’t mess up our jams overspray causing
to work the east with 121 uses a one-to-one mix no surprises there for
other tips on mix ratio isn’t properly getting the precise mixture can go to
eastwood.com we’ve got some great videos on there that explain these mixing cups
and mixing ratios yeah yeah


  • Eastwood Company

    A link to buy Epoxy Primer at Eastwood is in the video.     –   Are YOU an Eastwood Guy?

  • BogartFx

    When you're shooting what type of air compressor would be best? How many coats of primer is enough? Thanks and nice job.

  • Military Chevy

    That seemed to orange peel really bad. lol

  • SP330Y

    Wont last 10 minutes in uk acidic rainy weather,maybe ok in California, come to UK and test it, ETCH PRIMER is the only way to go, then 2K primer filler surfacer, then base then clear, then 1500 flat then machine polish,then polish then carnauba wax, job done.
    I treid another brand of epoxy primer and withing 1 year the van started rusting through again,so i have no faith in epoxy,not for UK

  • your flooring

    how good is this stuff for the elements on a racecar? i don't wanna paint it cuz I'm beating on it all the time i just wanna leave it in primer

  • Rick Bell

    Why would you not spray inside the door? That is where rust is at as well! I don't get it.

  • Κώστας Λεούσης

    Forgot a dent

  • victor gamez

    Can you apply body filler over the epoxy?

  • Uribe09

    Can you spray epoxy dtm on areas not down to bare metal?

  • Robert Arco

    Hello..if you go down to bare metal, fast etch and epoxy primer, can you body fill after or is it okay after the fast etch ? (cleaner with pre first of course). Thanks eastwood ! And yes, I am an eastwood guy..just check my orders…LOL

  • Kyle R.

    If I used the contour sct with 80grit stopping drum and got my panel to bare metal can I spray this on right away to seal it or do I need to go over the panel with the finishing drum or even 120 grit then 180 grit

  • bishop2355

    Anyone else notice the large dent in the door at the bottom left side?

  • Pedro Ornelas

    Ok so after u apply that… What's the next step? Do I just start spraying rustoluem green+primer spray now??

  • Christo S

    Wait a sec – your tech people have told me a couple of times that I shout NOT use fast etch with epoxy primer. ???

  • rob12449

    safety question: I read product does not have isocyanates lead or chromate, but there is still a safety warning of respirator, eye and skin protection however the demo does not respect the safety recommendation with bare skin and exposed eyes. Is it that safe or what?

  • Randell graham

    Or just use a small jeweler's scale????

  • AA channel

    Can you spray it right away? No need to thin down the solution? Is it not too viscous?


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