Stanley Gas Pressure Washer, or Power Washer, 3000 psi with High Pressure Variable Spray Gun

the Stanley p3000 gas pressure washer this Stanley pressure washer operates at 3000
PSI combining the ease of use and compact
size of lightweight electric pressure washers with a greater independence power and
durability of gasoline engine powered models this gas
pressure washer is ideal for a wide-range of applications including washing driveways, sidewalks
siding, and decks as well as cars trucks boats and
outdoor furniture and grills it’s light and compact design allows you
to easily fit on a shelf in the garage and in the
trunk of a subcompact car its weight is attributed to an
innovative design integrating the pump directly into the engine allowing the engine to share oil with
the pressure washer pump the pressure guns over molded aluminum
construction provides a lightweight strong durable gun one combination its variable spray gun eliminates the
hassle multiple spray tips just wish to change
from zero degree sprain to fan spray without changing tips
there’s also an optional wheel kit available for even greater mobility
assembly is quick and easy just attach the four feet to the
pressure washer frame with a wrench then attach the twenty five foot high
pressure hose to the water pump outlet attach the variable wind into the spray
gun by turning and threading the wand into
the gun until tonight attach the high pressure hose to the gun
and then attach the soap detergent bracket bottle and siphon to the side played before
connecting the garden hose to the water inlet inspect the inlet screen you can then attach the
Quick Connect inlet couple into the water supply in my
add oil into the engine then add gasoline attach the garden hose to the water
supply attach the Quick Connect to the inlet turn on the water supply press the
primer bulb three to five times before starting a cold engine to press the trigger to bleed any
trapped air out at the pump and hoes turn the switch to the on position and
pull the required to start use detergent fill the detergent
container turned on the pressure washer pull the trigger to operate the unit the
liquid detergent what automatically mix with water and will be discharged through the
nozzle to do this set the nozzle in the low pressure


  • Bergen Smith

    One of the best power washers I have ever used. Highly recommended>>>  and with many accessories for all types of jobs.

  • jose quiroz

    How loud is it


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