Stanley Tucci Was Completely Shocked by SNL’s Tucci Gang Sketch

-You’ve had such
an eclectic career. Are there certain roles that you get approached for
more than others? -Yeah. Yeah.
I mean, people — You know, people know
“The Devil Wears Prada.” -Yeah. -Which is, you know,
a great film. Or “The Hunger Games”
or “The Lovely Bones,” which is very disturbing,
you know. -Yeah.
-So, yeah, there’s a lot. “Easy A,” too, is one.
-Oh, that’s nice. -Yeah, yeah.
So, it’s nice, yeah. -You — It kind of
came out of nowhere. Sam Rockwell was hosting “SNL.”
-Oh, my God, yeah. -And Pete Davidson did a rap
about you called “Tucci Gang.” -Yeah. Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -Here’s — there’s Sam as you.
-Yeah. -With Pete Davidson.
And there — there’s Sam. -Yeah.
-So, uh, now obviously, this must have been —
it was unexpected for me. It must have been completely
unexpected for you. -I was completely shocked.
My publicist called, said, “They need you to do an image
or say something for, you know,
‘Saturday Night Live.'” And I was like, “What is it? I don’t know what you’re
talking about,” you know. And — I knew what
“Saturday Night Live” was. I mean, yeah, I did, yeah. But once you — you know,
I stopped watching it once you left.
-Thank you. -Yeah. Um…uh…
[ Laughter ] And Sam I’ve known
for a really long time. -Yeah. -So, anyway, I said,
“Yeah, sure.” And they told me what they —
and then I saw what they did. -Yeah.
-And of course, I didn’t know the genesis, I didn’t know
what it was based on. So my children
had to explain to me what it was and showed me
the video. I was like, “Oh, wow,
that’s good.” -Right.
-Yeah. So, it’s brilliant,
and I was very flattered. -And was this something that — I can only imagine
how many people — You know, when somebody —
when you see something that is about your friends,
so many people must have texted you and reached out
and said, “Have you seen it?” -Oh, yeah. No, they were
flipped out by it. -Yeah.
-Yeah. I mean, I was, too. I mean, I was
completely shocked. -It is wonderful
that your children had to explain it to you.
I think that’s — -Yes, I know, I know, yeah.
Yeah. Yeah. -I’m looking forward
to that part of my life where I can stop trying to have
any connection to pop culture, and they can just —
-Oh, yeah. They just tell you everything.
-Yeah. Oh. -And then you go, “Well,
how do you get it –” “Oh, just give it to me.”
[ Laughter ] -You’re a cook as well.
-Yeah, I like to cook. -Do your children like
your cooking? -Yeah, they do, yes.
-That’s great. -And the two who are at
university now are quite sad, because they don’t have
the cooking. -Yeah.
-So, when they come home, I make sure to make as much
stuff as possible. You just make sauces
or something to give them
so they can take it home. -Oh, that’s very kind.
That’s very kind and helpful. And you’ve had
a couple of cookbooks. -I have. I put one
together a long time ago that my parents did with an Italian chef,
Gianni Scappin. And then my wife and I did one
a few years ago together, yeah. -Was that a fun process,
building together the recipes for a cookbook?
-It is. It’s fun. But it is such hard work.
It’s incredibly hard work to sort of
piece them all together. Because you have to have
a hundred recipes. -Yeah.
-Really, to have a real cookbook. And then the testing of them
will take you a year. -Really?
-At least a year. -And how is your wife
as a collaborator? -Oh, she’s amazing.
Well, she’s a literary agent. -Oh, wonderful.
-But, so, she’s incredible. And she’s a great cook, too. -And what is the cookbook
that you did with her called? -It’s called “The Tucci Table.” -Oh, that’s very good.
-Yes. Yeah. Yeah. She said, “Well, we could
call it ‘Tucci and Friend’ or something.”
[ Laughter ] She goes, “Because you have
one friend. Let’s face it,” you know.
[ Laughter ] And — but it’s basically
what we would cook throughout a year.
-Yeah. -For your friends
and your family. -That’s great.
“Table for Tucci”? -“Table for Tucci.”
-You could do that next time. -There you go, yeah.
-Now you gotta do a third book. -Thank you. Thank you. Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -Thanks so much for being here.
-Thank you. -It’s really a pleasure
to speak to you. -Thanks a lot.


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