Star Wars Cosplay: Weathering a Clone Trooper Helmet

hey robot fans welcome back to the build
today we get dirty the weathering process for me is broken up into two
stages the first of which is the washer stage we’re gonna be doing a lot of
paint washes with this liquitex black acrylic paint this is the same paint I
use to do all the black on the helmet we’re gonna be using a solo cup any red
party college solo cup will do or if you have a daughter who likes pretty
princess parties a purple one will work as well a lot of paintbrushes I have big
medium and small paintbrushes with hard bristles soft bristles and medium
bristles I’m not sure which one I’m going to be using the most but I have a
whole bunch here paper towels you’re going to need dry paper towels and wet
paper towels some that will get dirty some little stay relatively clean and
lastly I have a turntable here to put the helmet on you can buy these at most
grocery stores at least in the US these are like spice rack lazy susans they’re
pretty cheap and they work great for giving you some movement around the
helmet my start condition for the paint goes like this I add just a little bit
of black paint to the bottom maybe just a drop or two and want this hanging off
there you go and then I add a good amount of water you really want to
dilute it quite a bit now this paint we’re gonna mix together so we’re gonna
get like a nice dirty water but it’s very loose very very runny and then on
top of all of this we’re gonna put a really big fat glob of paint inside that
we’re not going to mix together so this way there’s a pretty good glob of paint
at the bottom of the water which we could dip into further and further
depending on how thick we want our application to be the wash layer is
pretty simple what you’re gonna do is apply very very watery paint over the
entire helmet and just keep wiping it away washing it with paint and wiping it
away and what this is gonna do is kind of add a little tinge to the helmet and
what you want to do is wipe away from the center out leaving more of the
material on the edges of the helmet as opposed to the center and this is going
to create a sort of a vignette effect if we pause the video here I could show you
the effect that we’re going for if I trace the outline
the helmet and then apply a blur filter you could see that we create this
vignette effect where it’s darkest near the edges and gets lighter and lighter
as you move away from that edge this is what we’re going for with this part of
the weathering after your first few wash layers going over the entire helmet you
can really accentuate the vignette effect by just focusing your washes
towards the edges that being said you don’t really want to rush this you want
to build up many many subtle layers that’s what gives a realistic weathering
effect when you feel like you’ve done enough wash layers you could start doing
a dry brush technique this is a little different in that the brush will be
mostly dry and you’ll just be dabbing paint along the edges and then still
wiping it off in the same manner this will leave a lot more paint in its path
so you want to be a little bit careful and be really subtle with this you don’t
want to do too much too fast obviously you’re gonna want to do this
around your entire helmet I’m just showing you this one section so we can
get through all the techniques if we pause the video here I could show you
the next stage of weathering that I did what I really wanted to do is accentuate
the edge so if we trace out the contour again and use a lot less of a blur you
could see you can really get a fine contour line to get this I used an
airbrush I bought an airbrush kit off Amazon I think for the compressor paint
and the brushes it all came to like 50 bucks definitely well worth the purchase
and honestly no secret here I just did a light touch all around all of the edges
of the helmet and this really brought out all of the weathering that I had
already done I also did the final install of the gravy’s so they can get
their proper weathering as well I’m presenting this to you in a very linear
way but I did a lot of back and forth between the washes and the dry brushing
and the airbrushing and then going back to washing and just taking on big chunks
at a time and then going back and doing very localized weathering bitch just for
different parts that I didn’t like the way they looked I would do multiple
washes or multiple sessions with the airbrush there’s really no rhyme or
reason to the order that I did things in the end I probably did five rounds of
each technique over various different spots of the helmet to get the look that
I wanted next up is the rust coloration around the ears to do this I’m going to
be using Americana brand acrylic paints I have traditional raw Sienna and
traditional burnt sienna I’m attacking this the same way I did the rest of the
helmet with the black I’m just gonna do some light washes with both of these
rust colors and then move straight into dry brushing the
effect is going to be mostly dry brushed on because that gives you a nice texture
as well as mixing the colors nicely I really like the way it looks the only
question I have is how far do I want to go with the rusting of the ear I decide
just to kind of go for it and do whatever I feel like I can always knock
it back later so I go pretty heavy on the ear portion and move all the way
down to the cheek just adding rust here and there I did some light airbrushing
over the rust paint just to give it some light spot some dark spots and some dirt
so it matches the rest of the helmet I had been weathering the macro binoculars
in parallel to the helmet so I added those in and continued the rust up the
stems of the macro binoculars at this point the rust is getting pretty thick I
think I went a little further than I want for the end result I like the
overall look in the overall color I just think the volume of color is a little
bit more than I think I want so I got a great recommendation to use some high
grit sandpaper I actually used 400 just to kind of knock back the color it
reduced the saturation quite a bit it blended the colors a little bit and it
also gave a nice chipping effects that looks pretty realistic next I used a
very soft bristle brush to make some drips of the rust color this will give
it an overall rustier look without necessarily having the heavy texture of
the dry brush I spent a good bit of time doing some detailing work after the main
sections were done I filled in a lot of the Battle Damage with extra dirt I
airbrushed sections of the back that I thought needed more detail there were a
lot of little areas that bothered me that I spent a lot of time on I just
wanted it to be perfect before I can say I was done with all my painting done I
can apply my clear coat for this I am using krylon matte finish spray I do two
coats of this on the helmet and the binoculars with the clear coat done we
can add the final two pieces of the helmet which are the teeth mesh and the
visor I decided to 3d print my teeth mesh I could have probably bought
something from Amazon but I liked the idea of putting as much custom 3d
printed stuff on here as I can these were a breeze to print out and I cut
them into smaller pieces that will fit the teeth I did a round of Bob Smith
industries CLA glue to glue them into place and then I took a hot glue gun and
just kind of the edges a little bit so I wouldn’t be
brushing up against a sharp edge of plastic next up is the visor I used a
welder’s replacement mask I cut it to shape and then hot glued it into place I
reinstalled the macro binoculars added back on the Grebe’s and we are done yes I did another DIY photo shoot just
like in the last video you can see all of these photos on my Instagram account
which is a great place to see what happens in between the videos as well
alright that’s it for this video thanks for tuning in next time will be the
final helmet video we’re going to install the electronics into the head
this muffled voice will be amplified for the entire Republic we’re going to put
some fans in some lights and an internal padding system so this thing fits a
little bit better you’ll stay tuned for that as always we’re going to finish
with a little progression shot so I’ll see you next time


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