Stencil Free, Stressful Inking – Freehand: Elimination Tattoo | Ink Master: Shop Wars (Season 9)

– How big is that tattoo? – To be fair,
this is smaller than the last
couple tattoos that we’ve done. – Remember how we’ve
been doing these giant tattoos, and they’re not getting done,
and they look unfinished? – Yeah, no, I know. I know.
– I don’t wanna be pressed for time. – Clean, simple,
not trying to move a whole bunch of craziness,
you know what I’m saying? We in this together.
– Yeah. – Other than background,
I wouldn’t go crazy. We don’t need
to overcomplicate it. – Oh-ho-ho. Oh, look who’s
talking about overcomplicating. – I’m just trying
to make it simple. – Me too.– My approach is to do
something simple
and very readable
for Lalo to tattoo.
All he has to do
is follow my lines and really make this amazing. – All right, guys, you have six hours to tattoo, and your time… Starts…now. – Let’s go. Let’s do it.– This week the tattooers
are being judged on artistry.
Freehanding is something
that I want to know that an Ink Master’s
gonna be able to do,drawing straight on the skin,going directly to your outline
with your machine, no stencils.
– [as April] I’ll be done
when the time starts. I promise.
– You shush! – Did you say that?
– He’s killing me right now.– The person who’s drawing
has to quarterback the tattoo
throughout because
they see the vision,
and they have to translate that
in the person that’s inking it. – Every time you do something
I don’t like, I’m gonna go…
[hissing] For this challenge we decided
it’s best if I just walk away and let Lalo do his thing. Sometimes we don’t work
very goodwhen we’re sitting
over each other’s shoulder.
Do us proud, Lalo. – Don’t worry your
pretty little head. I got it. – Please don’t
screw this up for us. – You ready to do this?[rock music]♪ ♪– Can you just tilt it a little?
Perfect. – All right, all right.
– You called this one. – What, is this a cover-up?
– Yes, sir. – When you chose this,
did you know it was a cover-up? – I didn’t know it was
a cover-up, but, you know, we were talking about it first, and then I was like,
“Let’s just cover it,” you know? – Since you’re doing a cover-up, you’re still gonna get judged
on the ability to cover it. – This could
send you to the bottom. – I know I can cover this.
I have nothing to worry about. – Not there,
but on the tip, yes.– I have to work off Derek’s
but I’m only taking it
as a loose interpretation. I’m gonna do my own thing. There’s probably gonna
be a little bit peeking out, ’cause there is a shadow,
you know what I mean? A little black there. – Not there.
That’s all plum.What are you doing, Thom?I gave you a straightforward, traditional piece to follow,but you’re not following
the game plan,
and you’re going
right back to the style we’re getting called out for. This one here is not black.
I wouldn’t– No, that’ll be green.
– Yeah, you’re right. – Hobo drew it on.
I get to tattoo. I’m confident in my tattooing. – You need me
to rework anything, let me know. – You iced the drawing.
That’s all I needed. – Yeah, yeah.
– He gets to watch
what the pressure
of the competition is like
before he has to
ever tattoo.
vaadntvaagnte agfoe r fs atTh iats ia s gra a.– Four hours to go.[dramatic music]– Yeah, but see how it’s,
like, darker gray there and then it fades out?
– Oh, I see what you mean, yeah. – Yeah, so, like,
just fading it out– – It’s a little bit
lighter off that shoulder. – Wow, did you do this?
– Mm-hmm.– Jessy drew the full
rendering of this image.
It’s like I’m
working off a stencil.I feel like we’re gonna
bounce back from last week,
so I’m ready to get it done. – It looks [bleep] good, man.
You’re killing it. [indistinct] and make
a realism artist out of you yet. I’m like a proud mama right now. – This is a complete turnaround
from last tattoo challenge where everybody
dropped the [bleep] ball. Today everybody’s
kind of holding on to it. – Who has the potential to win? – Maybe Unkindness.
– Nothing hard line. – Just fade it down
a little bit– – Yeah.
– I can do that. – Then you got Boneface. – If he does his
solid application… – I like that tattoo. – It could be
the cleanest one of the room. – I’m a little disappointed
in House of Monkey only because I know Picasso’s
just a [bleep] monster. It’s cool, but he’s
just so much better than that. – Picasso?
– Yeah? – Want to take a look?♪ ♪– He is going crazy.That color palette
makes no sense whatsoever.
– Don’t be nervous. It’s
a good day at House of Monkey.– We were supposed
to have a nice amount of black
and a simple color palette.We didn’t need all this blue.Lalo, you had one job!The colors, man.♪ ♪– Final hour remaining,
guys, one final hour. – A little bit of purple.
Purple up in here in these corners?
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Just move that blend out. – Oh, E.S, just stop. – Tap it with water,
just wiggle out. Don’t go circular. – I don’t have time to finesse.I’m the one doing the tattoo.I got to move on this now,
and I wanna stick to the technique
that I’m used to.I know it starts
from the drawing.
If he had simplified it,I wouldn’t even
be in this situation.[rock music]– Five, four, three, two, one.
That’s it, machines down. time is up, no more ink. – Yay. – What do you think, Marvin?
– You got it. – You into it?
– You got it, yeah. – That looks awesome.
– Like it? – I’m stoked, awesome.
– Yeah, man. – How did it feel for you?
– Feel good. I did a big-ass tattoo,
perfect lines. What didn’t you like? – No, no, it–I would have–
there’s just a couple things I would have
did different, but, you know. – Of course.
– You’re in the driver’s seat. – They start gunning
for you right out the gate. – It was a smart strategy though
because [bleep], I would want to get you out of here before
you develop any rhythm too. – Yeah, true.
– But we on they ass now though.If we can get DJ off that
tattoo machine
and get Bubba on it,
they cooked.
– [laughs]
– That’s first line of business, get rid of they ass.

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