Stucco Sprayer 4 Jet Wall Blaster Feature Video

this is the four jet wall blaster by
ToolCrete made in the USA this is a pneumatic hand
tool which connects to an air compressor and can be used to spray high viscosity
cementitoius mixes including stucco plaster concrete and even fibered and
aggregate filled mixes like gfrc or mixes with small pebbles colored glass
and more simply connect the air valve to the optional green air tube and then to
the hopper use an appropriate fitting to connect the 3/8 inch or half inch inside
diameter air hose to the cp5 automotive fitting on the sprayers air valve to
begin spraying we recommend a compressor that is either
gas or 220 volt electric with a minimum specifications of five horsepower seven
CFM at 90 psi this will give strong continuous air
flow for greatest spraying power the four Jet Wall Blaster is a favorite
among contractors for its speed and wide spray pattern using a mortar sprayer over hand
troweling can reduce application time by more than half and cut labor needs by even more simply spray the material
onto your substrate and follow up by troweling it smooth and even
ToolCreate mortar sprayers are easy to use easy to clean and when treated and
maintained properly will last for many many years a crew of three is ideal for greatest
efficiency one person to provide fresh mix another to spray and the third to
follow up and trowel everything smooth and even this sprayer is best for medium
to large-sized wall projects for smaller projects or if you need to spray onto
the ceiling take a look at our other sprayers
available at or call to discuss your project

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