Student Project: “Sketching for Thinking and Communication”

Hi, I’m Selez, and I’m a freshman student
from Argentina. During the past year, I decided to change
my major to Design. During fall 2016, I got an email offering
a new design course opening in the spring semester for non-majors. So, I did sign up for this class. I had a really good time learning sketching
skills. But I failed the last assignment. It was a presentation, and I always have problems
with presentations. First, I get very, very nervous. Then my voice gets very low, and I couldn’t
even make any eye contact with the audience. The worst part was that I forgot everything I was supposed
to say in the presentation. And the last thing was a mini detail. My sketches were too small for the whole class. So, this video is my last chance to save my grade. But also my future. I notice how important is one’s communication
ability in society, that the language and the capacity of storytelling is the key to catch people’s
attention. Imagine how many millions of great ideas die
because of lack of communication. You can be a terrible drawer, but you have
to be a good speaker in any field. So there’s no magic, only practicing. Practicing my speech has helped make me feel confident
and helped reduce my anxiety. I’ve always known my weakness, but I never
decided to make a change. I have been ignoring it for a long time. But now I’ve found that Public Speaking Center
located at the PCL. I took advantage of this academic support
offered by UT to improve my public speaking skills. I also would practice my presentation with
my native American friends and ask them to give me some advice. And now it’s the time to change.

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