Get the brand-new limited-edition pals holiday package available at the Three minutes in to a three minute and 30 second video And I haven’t seen your face One time! So can you please! Please! *Intro Music* How we doin’ fellas, welcome back to another video. I’m with my boy Frankie, and you know what? I think it’s about time we let Frank go. Yah! We should let we should let him go fly be in nature. You know! OHH! Buddie! How you doing? you doing Ok! You been hanging there for a while. Alright! Here you go you can be free now goodbye Ooohhh! so beautiful ohhhah! Ahhhhhah!*Cries like a baby* He was sooo! CUTE! And now he’s gone Frank he’s still gonna Be around you know every once in a while But you know he’s been hanging there for it’s almost been like a month actually. I don’t know if that’s true Maybe a little bit less than that anyway today’s video is not about Frank today’s video is about a little Person named subzero-exabyte, now nobody knows what this man looks like no one’s ever heard him talk seen his face Seen his shoes for his feet or his hand well. I mean some people have probably seen his hands well I’m trying to get at is this man is Mysterious no one knows for sure who he is exactly so some promised everybody when he hit a million subscribers That he would do a face reveal now. He hit a million subscribers a little while ago You know it’s been a little while everyone’s wondering. Where is his face reveal and yesterday He finally posted it so this is my reaction to the video, but what do you guys think about it? Let me know down in the comment section below if you haven’t seen it already go check it out But let’s get into it do it. I’m excited I want to see what this guy looks like we’re finally gonna see what he looks after all these years Today we find out let’s go so we start off with a beautiful shot of his feet oh Well these alarms going off turn off the alarm look at those sheets. I don’t know why stop oh Did he just break his alarm clock what that alarm clock do to you sub?
Ridiculous.. There it is that’s him that’s sub dude! He’s making breakfast or something. I can’t really see it’s blurry This is what the whole video is gonna Be just some blurry mess that we can’t actually see is that it is that the meme we’re gonna have to watch and find out He’s going ham on that cereal I think it’s cereal it seems like cereal. He’s just beating that thing I I Was right it is cereal What cereal he got, cheerios? That’s me it’s my perspective Yes, see subs always watching my videos. I’m telling you guys. He loves me. I think I hope Please love me Watching some pals craft classic That was scary Chip chip, what are you doing? Is chip hacking into subs computer. That’s what it looks like So dramatic music going on After a quick infomercial of course Classic saw always coming in with the infomercials you can buy chip guys just so you know you can buy chip. He’s great He’s a plush toy. He’s new link is in the description not my description subs description go watch that video Play instrument I tried to play the guitar for like two weeks and Okay now it’s time sub keeps playing with my emotions, but now we’ll finally get to see his face. Let’s go Ladies gentle men kids three parents no No, it is time time the truth is about to fall upon you all fall upon me. I’m ready for the truth one voice one robot voice a voice of a generation Scrub 0x2 bite one face one face. I have a face. Why am I not as popular as so This should be my face reveal face Obama face has four letters Do you know what word also has four letters Bike that was the first thing I could come up with bites love love, okay, okay? I mean, it’s not wrong both is ready. Love is red. Do you know how to spell read re D. It. Says it right there? Are a D. No that’s read C. You messed up You didn’t spell red right you suck, so you’re not smart D. What word starts with D I should just keep playing it D day today is the day you have all been waiting for it is the day? We’ve all been waiting for just get to it get to it the thing for rhymes with corridor for Corridor, not really I mean it does kind of the end of the word, but like not really Corridor is Dutch for a gang Is it does that mean gang in? Dutch do Dutch people go around do night corridor corridor Gucci corridor Gucci corridor Gucci corridor I Am in a gang you’re in a gang No, you’re not so I wouldn’t know if you’re in a game alright. Cuz if you were in a gang It’d be my gang so I know you’re not in the game. Don’t mess with my head ok the panel’s We fight we’re getting there. We’re getting closer to the answer the pals play roadblocks We do we don’t play roblox, but what does that have to do with your face? Roblox is a game roblox is a game for anybody wondering. What roblox is This just in it’s a game if you remove DNA from game you’d get me I get you some you know I get you more than anybody I See you and what you’re doing right now. Is you’re running everybody in circles. That’s what you’re doing come on. I am some There’s one of the one things you’ve gotten right so far sub Sub is short for Submarine subscribe ok I was close sub could be also short for subway. I don’t think that’s right Subscribe subscribe the subscribe button is a rectangle. It is a rectangle. What is your face a rectangle? That’s what I’m concerned about Rectangle rectangle has 9 letters. I have one face one face. What? 9 minus 1 is 8 that’s true 2 plus 2 that’s 4 minus 1 that’s 3 quick mess the channel started on July July July July rhymes with Mediterranean fruit fly that kind of the Mediterranean fruit fly has six legs six legs 6 divided by 2 is 3 times 2 that’s 6 minus 1. That’s 3 3 is not the same as tree. What is that? What is 3 equals tree I don’t understand tree a tree grows in the forest forest? A forest is green Green my outfit is green Hold you hold outfit My outfit is lit lit fire is lit fire is Lit has three letters three. Do you know what this means? I? Have no idea what this means sub can you tell me what this means everybody wants to know where this is going this means? Let’s find out let’s find out Loot has three letters the same number of letters as the word sub which means you should subscribe And if you remove the S you be s B an e you get crime Start doing if you don’t show me your face We’re three minutes in to a three minute 30 second video And I haven’t seen your face one time so can you please please show me what you look like? or else I’m gonna punch you in the face right now, and you will like this video if you cry every time I Do cry every time that’s the thing that’s why I reacted that way cuz I cry all the time every time every Time the time has come three divided by three is one Illuminati is one sub has one face and here it is That’s what he looks like it’s beautiful Beata fault look at that little boy We don’t know what he looks like now what that’s what he used to look like when he was a kid there It is everybody This is this is what we’ve been waiting for the whole time, but we still have 15 seconds left of the video What will its entail let’s find out? That’s him closer up to the screen Sam you look great. You look great kid look at this guy Look at him oh They’re dicks even closer to the screen. This is him when he was like seven Sub you really you got everybody You got him you got him now. We just need to put this picture into Modern technology so that we can find out what he looks like today You know how they use that technology feel like hey, we’re looking for this person It’s been a long time since we’ve seen them This is what they could look like that’s what we need that is the kind of technology We need and we need to apply it to this young man right here That’s him dude, that’s the face reveal. That’s it we did. What was that? What was that? What was that last part hold on? What was that hold on wait go back there was one little thing in the center of the screen I’m gonna stop pause start pause what there was it’s gone dang it come on man come on no No, don’t start the video over again What I didn’t even see at that time there. It is that was it stop stop stop it How do you even stop it on that I can’t see it hold on? Huh-huh-huh-huh-huh We missed how do we miss it is it even possible to land on the right part come on come on? We missed it again. Are you serious come on you can’t do this to me? I am ready to see this guy’s face 1 2 1 2 Dang it come on We just had it It was right there come please please show me subs face right now dang it I? Can’t stop on the right spot It’s impossible. It’s a puzzle Dad come on. Dude. Don’t do this to me. I’ve been through so much here. We go. We’re gonna find it We’re gonna find it right here there it is right. No Dang it. It’s impossible to stop on the frame I think it’s a real picture of him at the very very end But you know I get it to stop on the right spot So I guess we’re never gonna know what he actually looks like today. Anyway guys. What do you think about this? Do you feel duped or are you happy that we finally get to see at least? Somewhat of a picture of some like we basically got a face reveal I mean it’s not him talking or anything But we got a baby picture and we got a recent picture that we can’t even really stop on come on Nope this is it we’re gonna do it this time. I promise you I Promise I would never lie to you they put like and they put it they have to they had to have put it every half Of frame it’s impossible. I can’t stop it. Okay. That’s it okay Why okay we did it we’re done, I’m done trying to stop the video right where it shows his face. Okay? I’m done Thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoy watching as much as I did reacting to this like this is a legendary video guys This is this has never been done before we’ve never seen anything of so up until this point. It’s crazy Let me know what you guys think down below, but besides that I will see you guys in the next video. take it easy.*winks one eye.


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