Sunrise Wood Designs: High quality finishing with SAMES KREMLIN Airmix® spray guns & paint pumps

Hi, I’m Veronica Bunt, Paint Line Manager, with Sunrise Wood Designs in Dallas, Texas. We wanted to purchase spray equipment
that would meet our finishing quality needs. After a few months of operation we quickly came to a conclusion that SAMES KREMLIN Xcite™ was a great product to use, offering a great quality finish with no overspray, environmentally friendly, offering no operator fatigue, easy to use, lightweight, and low maintenance. We also appreciate the great support that we’ve gotten from SAMES KREMLIN’s employees getting our equipment serviced, cleaned. They also offered us a service
to help train our employees to properly maintain our pumps and guns. SAMES KREMLIN offers great product! I want to tell you that This gun is very easy and efficient to use. The trigger is very light. It is also very light for handling. It is easy to disassemble in case it gets plugged or something. I like this gun! They are good to work with and they work well. Also, if they get blocked, if there is a problem or something, it is very easy to disassemble. They perform well, they meet our expectations, we have no problem with them, and if they came to be blocked, as I said, it’s very easy to fix it. They work really very well.

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