T-Shirt Design Photoshop Tutorial : Adobe Photoshop 2020

Good day, my name is David I am a graphic designer. in this video, I’m going to be making a t-shirt design in Photoshop So as you stick with me follow me step by step as I do it and you’ll be sure to be able to design one for yourself and To make money doing it. So let’s get to work So, let me just fill this up From a coma or fill this up? Because what I have to do first is to design what is going to be on the shed so feel Okay So I’m going to be making an icon sheet and Let me fill in the text first and I’m going to be using Ike to the top Let me first walk on this text and change the text here I want a fancy text. Sorry about this Let me look for a fancy Let me look for something fancy Yes, I like this So let me increase this I’ll do that to do that I did them ctrl C on my windows And take my mouse cursor to this edge and drag And press Enter, so I got my Ike so now go again To the Top Ike to the top So I’m going to change the font on this I’m the first something Look for something fancy Think alike this reduced to eating Quite small 30 Let’s see Like to the top let me crease this a bit So I’m going to I’m going to copy this layer Going to duplicate the layer to try to make it a little bit fancy. So to do that I’m going to click on my all top button on my keyboard and Drag with my mouse you can’t see So just try and place this a little bit a little bit Make this a little bit bigger. Let me see what happens I did so I just change this color Color overlay’ Make it brown something Okay Let me move this up, yeah, I think I like this So I’m going to group this layer Take it to the middle So now now that I got the design ready the next step I’m gonna do is to add some element to make it more Fanciful I Just shifted down beats And I’ve downloaded some element I can just add to this to make it more fancy Make it more fancy. So let me go to my download my pictures thing down. Sorry Good, this is one picture. I cut so I’ll bring it in Reduce it Reduce it Let me see that links here, let me take it a beat Yeah, like a lightweight cheese now so the next step is Now that I got this design You can decide to add anything but To just give it that extra rock filly now go back to my downloads. I think I downloaded a rock I’m not wrong. Yeah, I don’t know the rock. So just bring it in Reduce it remember I told you to reduce it to bring your mouse cursor to this very edge And click on your Autobots in and shift and drag your mouse to reduce To reduce it press Enter Yes, and So with this Like a like a like a lightweight cheese, so the next step is Grouping all these together so To group it you click on the fests this everybody s Cordelia if you are familiar with Photoshop So you click on this? Calm down Clicking your control key button you click on this click on this then you control G again to group it So if you see if I close this eyes now everything good I put it back everything comes back on the next step of going through C Then over my mouse here again to this angle Click on my auto button on my ship boating together and drag my mouse. Click on my mouse and drag it You know press Enter Yep, perfect. So with this now you Can just take it to any design Can take it to any design, but I think I want to add Do I want to add something? Yeah, I think I’m okay. I’m okay with this design So the next step is to put all this background layer Just like clicking on these eyes. You put it off. Then you see you save as you saved if I go to save Like to the top I Top And click on save So now I have the raw file if I want to come back to a defeat again in the future I’ll be able to do that So next I’ll save as a PNG So that I can move it Remember, I don’t have a background. So you save it as PNG and click on save Click on save Okay saving now it’s saved The next step is I’ve actually opened one of my pasts I was working on so what I’m going to do now is I’ll just add it to this Go back to pictures we should have it like Like yeah, you have it here The next step want to bring it onto my mock-up Design, it’s fun and easy. So just Just bring it here Present And see I got it on top my shed So you can decide to make this yet any color any color you want Well, like I’ll leave it like this and just save And just save it This is perfect looking shit, so the next step is to save it so come here Save again, but this time are just servitors got pictures Save it as like to the world full up to the top With Image save it as PNG Save it as PNG. So now what you notice is once it’s done saving Once it’s done saving a let’s just wait for it to save So I advise you to follow follow me Follow me. I’ll tend to our drop definitely dropped more courses every week drop more courses Sometimes I’ll drop daily so I add that you subscribe follow me Follow me click on the follow button become a student if your idea. Thanks a lot if you are not becoming student, follow me subscribe and We can make this together So it does not take does not take long. I hope you stay to the end. It’s very important It does not take long to design one Does not take long how many minutes you just used 11 minute on this just 11 minutes. So once you are done Saving it You should have it saved and ready for you to use for Your design. Thanks and have a nice day. See you in my next lecture Subscribe follow me so I get my latest updates

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