Tattoo Concealing Master – Video 3: How this will improve your life

Hey again everybody! Tania Barbe here founder of Bad Ink Be Gone and I’m here again today with Dorota Buczel who’s been an airbrush makeup instructor for over 16 years Have you seen our Videos #1 and #2 and are you excited yet?! Thank you so much to everybody who sent in their questions and their comments on our videos so far! It’s great to see that people are realizing the amazing power that they have in their hands knowing that they can flawlessly conceal any unwanted tattoo with durable makeup that’s only gonna come off when they want it to Think about that for a second… that’s like being this mind-blowing magician that has the power to change people’s lives! We’ve also had some people email us and ask if they could use airbrush makeup to hide other things than just tattoos The answer is yes, definitely! You can use it to hide anything from birthmarks, to scars, stretchmarks, bruises vitiligo, tan lines, you name it In fact, in our Elite version of the Tattoo Concealing Master course we go into detail about how to conceal these other skin discolorations Like we talked about in Video #2 the best way to get flawless and durable tattoo coverage with airbrush makeup is to know what the hell you’re doing! So Dorota, do you want to explain to people exactly what that means? Right. You need to follow a series of steps first You need to learn how to prep your skin how to select the right shades of makeup to match your skin how to choose a proper color-corrector for neutralization then know the proper airbrushing technique know how to texturize the skin and to remove the makeup and finally how to maintain your airbrush equipment Exactly and that’s where our online video course Tattoo Concealing Master comes in Like we’ve seen in Video #2 if you’re someone who wants to learn how to hide your own tattoos with airbrush makeup and you have either very little or no experience with airbrushing the Basic level of the course is probably best for you If you’re a makeup artist or an aspiring makeup artist and you want to go more in-depth and you want to get certified so that you can start concealing other people’s tattoos professionally the Elite version of the course is gonna show you the more advanced techniques And if you’re still not sure whether the Basic level or the Elite level is best for you why don’t we let you hear from some of our Tattoo Concealing Master alumni? Hi, my name is Jocelyn Santos and I just tried the Elite version of Tattoo Concealing Master and it’s been amazing I had a lot of questions in regards to concealing tattoos in general and introducing the airbrush was really great makes it much easier and much faster as well and this program was fantastic because it’s really easy to use I recommend it for anybody who’s both a professional or someone who just wants to learn on their own and conceal their own tattoos on an everyday basis Hi I’m Sylvia and finding Tattoo Concealing Master is… a life saver I have a few tattoos from the past that I’m not so crazy about these days since being a mom and now going to more formal events The whole program has been so beneficial in so many ways It’s extremely easy to navigate I never thought I could do it myself I had doubts especially with the lower back tattoo but after getting used to it it’s just 1-2 rock and roll and I’m ready to go Amazing stories…are you inspired yet?! Now that you’ve seen how Tattoo Concealing Master can seriously improve your everyday life stick around for our very last video, Video #4! Dorota’s gonna teach you the top 3 tips for flawless tattoo coverage with airbrush makeup and we’re also gonna go into more detail about the amazing bonuses that you’re gonna get when you purchase the course including a limited time Facebook group bonus where you can be coached one-on-one by us and where you can network with other people in your situation and where you can ask questions So if you’re really serious about bringing your transformation to the next level you’ll want to stick around for Video #4! In the meantime, once again leave us your questions and your comments below this video or through our social media pages and we’ll see you again very soon!

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