Tattoo cover up makeup: comparison of 4 top brands

You need to hide your tattoo for the day? You’re looking for waterproof tattoo camouflage makeup that’ll look flawless on your skin? In today’s episode, Tania Barbe puts 4 top brands of tattoo camouflage makeup to the
test. As the Founder of Bad Ink Be Gone, an author, and a chick with bad tattoos Tania’s helped thousands of people free themselves of their bad ink. Now, she’s on a mission to do the same for you. Hey everybody, Tania Barbe here from Bad Ink Be Gone I am really excited about today’s video because we are going to be talking about makeup which is right up my alley! I have been experimenting with different types of makeup ever since I was a young teenager and I’ve always loved how makeup has that power to make you feel like a brand new person from one day to the next. Now obviously, Bad Ink Be Gone is all about showing you how to get rid of your unwanted tattoos so we’re going to be focusing specifically on how you can use makeup to temporarily hide your tattoo for the day. So whether you’re going out there for a nice day at the beach or maybe you’re getting married and you don’t want this thing sticking out of your wedding dress maybe you’re into gymnastics
or diving competitions. Whatever your situation is, I’m going to show you the best types of tattoo camouflage makeup that you can use on your tattoo for the day and you’ll see that the ones that I’m recommending are waterproof. Before we get started, I want to specify that there’s really 2 different ways that you can hide your tattoo with makeup for the day. Today, we’re going to be focusing on waterproof tattoo camouflage makeup which is basically a thick, highly pigmented theatrical type of makeup that you apply either with a sponge or with a brush and that you then set either with a powder or some type of a barrier spray. But you should know that there’s also another waterproof option which is tattoo airbrush concealer. This is basically makeup that’s misted onto your skin with an airbrush machine, and that’s gonna feel more lightweight on your skin than tattoo camouflage makeup. Even though airbrushing’s a bit more work than camouflage makeup I personally think the airbrush concealer looks more natural than the camouflage makeup, and it’s definitely more rubproof. In fact, some of these brands of airbrush concealer will absolutely not come off with just regular soap and water. You’re either going to have to remove it
with some rubbing alcohol or some special type of remover whereas camouflage makeup, you can usually scrub with soap and water a few times and it’ll come off. So watch this video here today on tattoo camouflage makeup and then you can go check out my video specifically on tattoo airbrush concealer on my website at and you can then just compare. You can see what the best option is for you depending on what your upcoming occasion is specifically depending on how much time you have to apply the makeup onto yourself, and also on just how comfortable you want the product to feel on your skin. For today’s video, I wanted to do a product comparison of 4 different tattoo camouflage
makeup brands. And I should tell you that I’ve tried many other brands than these in the past, and they really didn’t do a whole heck of a lot for covering up my tattoos so I didn’t even want to bother with those for today. So for now, we’re going to be
looking at the Judith August Killer Cover Kit we have the CM Beauty Tattoo Cover Kit this here is the Make Up For Ever camouflage cream and this is from Sephora right here and here we have the Mehron system. So basically, what I did is I tried each one of these 4 brands on my ankle tattoo, which is basically a black tribal band and I took some before and after pictures. Then, I took a tissue and I gently rubbed my ankle just to see how much makeup would come off on the tissue and I gave it a rating out of 5 as to how
rubproof it really is. After that, I soaked my ankle in the tub for 30 minutes just to see if it was really waterproof or not. And I also went to the local pool just to see if there would be a difference with chlorinated water as opposed to regular water. So needless to say, I have put these 4 brands to the test! And that’s why I’m super confident about what I’m going to be recommending to you today. So the first brand I looked at is the
Judith August Killer Cover Kit. This is basically theatrical-grade makeup and the kit includes the Killer Cover Total Blockout Makeup which is your five-color makeup wheel and that comes with a tiny little spatula to scoop out the makeup and also a sponge to help you blend
it on your skin you also get the August Minerals Finishing Powder which comes with a powder puff inside of it and the Judith August Killer Cleanser to help you wipe the whole thing off at the end of the day. So let’s take a look a the before and after picture. As you can see, I got some amazing camouflage from this product and it blended in really
well with my skin tone. In terms of how rubproof it is, I would give this a 4 out of 5 rating because when I took the tissue and rubbed it against my ankle there’s very little makeup that came off on the tissue. Here’s a picture of what the makeup looked like after I had soaked in the tub for 30 minutes. As you can see, it’s still on my leg and it
looks great! And just for the record, it looked exactly the same when I tested it in the chlorinated
water at the local pool. So after this, I tried the Tattoo Cover Kit from a company called CM Beauty and they used to be called Covermark. This kit comes in a tiny little lunch box type of container here and it includes a hydrating lotion, you get a primer 2 shades of camouflage cream that you apply with their sponge and a tinted powder with a tiny brush to set the whole thing at the end. So let’s take a look at the before and after picture. As you can see, overall the coverage was pretty good on this one. There was only one tiny spot of my tattoo that I wasn’t able to fully cover and this was after 4 layers of makeup separated by powder each time. As for the tissue test, I would give this one a 3 out of 5 rating because there’s quite a bit of makeup that came off on the tissue and I was only rubbing it lightly against my ankle. This is what the CM Beauty looked
like after 30 minutes of soaking in the tub. You can see that some of the makeup was starting to show through and I can tell you that this brand did not hold up well at all in chlorinated water. At least half of it came off of my ankle after swimming for half an hour. Next up, let’s look at the Make Up For Ever line from Sephora. This, out of the four, I gotta say is the one that really disappointed me. I went to the store, I spoke to one of the
girls and she gave me really specific directions on how to apply this, and I followed it to a tee. She told me to start by neutralizing the tattoo with this white pencil from Nars and then to apply the Make Up For Ever camouflage cream with this Sephora concealer brush and to set the whole thing with the Make Up For Ever Super Matte Loose Powder. Well, this is what the before and after looks like. I was not satisfied at all with the camouflage on this one and I actually did 5 layers separated with powder each time and I wasn’t able to completely hide the tattoo. In terms of how rubproof it is though I’d give this a 4 out of 5 rating. It doesn’t smudge off very easily. Here’s a before and after picture of what the makeup looks like after soaking in the tub for 30 minutes. For some reason, this makeup seems to change colors after soaking in water, and the same went for chlorinated water. So yeah, I do not recommend this one. It didn’t work well on me at all. And finally, let’s take a look at the Mehron system. This is really similar to the Judith August
line in that, it’s more of a theatrical-grade, heavy duty type of makeup. But it doesn’t come in a kit like the Judith August line does, so you’re going to have to buy these components separately. So I bought the Mehron CoveRing which is their five-color makeup wheel. It’s similar to the Judith August wheel but the shades are a little bit darker in this one and it doesn’t come with a spatula or a sponge like the Judith August wheel does. Then, you’re going to need to set it with the Mehron Setting Powder and you’ll need to buy a powder puff separately for this And finally, you’ll need the Mehron
Barrier Spray to really just seal the whole thing in place at the very end. So if you use all these products together here’s a before and after of what the camouflage looks like. You can see that it looks amazing and it doesn’t look caked on or anything. And as for the tissue test I’d give this one a 4 out of 5 rating just like I had given the Judith August line. Now, let’s look at a picture of what the makeup looks like after having soaked in the water for 30 minutes. You can see that everything’s still intact
and looking great and I got the same results in the chlorinated water too. So I’d say the grand winners here are both the Judith August line and the Mehron line! Out of the four that we looked at these were really the only two that were more of a theatrical-grade, heavy-duty type of makeup. And even though both of these got a 4 out of 5 rating for how rubproof they were, both of them will stay completely intact under water and that’s whether it’s regular water or chlorinated water. So just to recap here, as to what the main differences are between these two systems first off, if we look at the five-color wheel here you’ll see that the Judith August wheel is a bit lighter in terms of tones. So if you’re fish belly white like I am you’ll want to use this wheel here. Whereas the Mehron is a little bit darker. It’s got a darker range to it, as you can see here. Second, the Mehron system, you’re going to need a barrier spray with, whereas the Judith August you don’t need a spray. And third, the Judith August comes with this amazing cleanser. It’s actually called the Killer Cleanser and it’s made from aloe vera gel and Vitamin E. And that’s just really going to help you get this thing off of your body at the end of the day and it’s also really good with other types of waterproof makeup too. So yeah, the Mehron system you don’t have a cleanser with so it’s either you’re going to have to scrub a few times with soap and water or you can also purchase the Killer
Cleanser from Judith August separately, and it’s going to work really well with the Mehron system too. So if you’re kind of confused by now as to which products and components you’re going to need to be able to get this flawless look that I was able to get with these 2 brands I’m going to list all the products on my website at And while you’re on my website, check out my video on tattoo airbrush concealer cause this could possibly be a better option for you if you’re looking for something a bit more lightweight on the skin and that’s going to look a bit more natural. Whether you choose to go with tattoo camouflage makeup or tattoo airbrush concealer keep in mind that you can also use these products to hide other things than just your tattoos. You can use them to hide any kind of skin condition or discoloration like bruises, scars, acne, age spots, under-eye circles moles, vitiligo, stretchmarks, wrinkles, and birthmarks. Once you start using these products, if you’re anything like me you’re going to become completely hooked and you’re never going to be able to do without these! I hope you guys enjoyed this product review today as much as I did. I always love talking about
makeup! So again, if you guys want more information on all this go check out my website at We’ll see you again next time!


  • EnchantedPassion4

    So glad I found your video as I have an interview for a Flight Attendant position and needed something to hide my wrist tattoo that won't rub off easily. I was trying to find a solution for long term if I'm offered the position. There are several water exercises in the training and I will need something truly waterproof.

  • jakeline chacon

    Hello ! I have cuestion do you tried dermablend and wath is your opinion

  • hank y

    I have a large tattoo that surrounds my neck,half of chest and back.I want to know how good the rub/smudge proof from Kett's hydro proof line using their airbrush when it is applied on my neck.I have tried a variety of creme foundation along with setting and sealer and it still rubbed on to my clothes.Is their hydro proof line safe for tattoos since it is alcohol based?I spent quite abit of money on it and dont want to ruin it.Also could I find an organic foundation to use instead?
     I work in the movie industry as an extra/actor and need to make sure that it is also able to withstand many hrs in the heat as well especially now since it is close to summer.


  • hank y

    Hi again,I was wondering if the Kett hydro proof line is compatible with other brands of airbrushes.Or does it require a specific compressor to provide a speed necessary spray effectively since it is an alcohol base foundation. I saw a you tube video of a particular airbrush that has a larger ink/foundation holder with a lid to keep it from spilling.I think it is an Iwata brand.Because it is my neck area I am covering, I would need to tilt at certain angles to get a complete coverage.


  • GangaMakeup

    Have you tried the Dinair Xtreme Line cover for tattoos? Diana messaged me on Instagram saying it covers up well for tattoos and is waterproof. It's alcohol free, and a water based product. Wasn't sure whether that would hold up as well as the HydroProof line. They also said with their colour range theres no need to colour correct. Not tried it out but been looking for reviews to see how it compares. Have you tried it out?

  • Fiorella Mancinelli Makeup

    Thanks so much for the video


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