Tattoo Makeup A – Z – Cover, Create & Apply – PREVIEW

CHRISTIEN TINSLEY: Hi, Christien Tinsley here, and welcome to our course here at Stan Winston School of Character Arts. We’re gonna be doing Tattoo Makeup from A-Z – Cover, Create and Apply. Today we’re gonna be going over a lot of different
aspects of tattoo creation and covering up and even
application. We’re gonna go over the types of materials that I find are essentials to have in your
kit for covering up tattoos, and advantages to certain color tones. We’re also gonna be learning about how to
create patterns off of actors and subjects, to then flatten out into two-dimensional temporary tattoos that then can be applied
to the actor. We’re also gonna be talking about how to create
a tattoo from scratch, both a water-transfer tattoo and taking a look at the homemade temporary
tattoo transfer. The application is going to cover relief cuts, and how to deal with complex curves and getting those applied safely. Finally I’m gonna show you how to remove a
tattoo – both the cover up and the application itself. So as you can see, we have a lot to cover, so let’s get started.

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