Testing Indian Art Supplies // Haul + First Impression of Camlin Art Supplies

– Hey guys! Since I started the series where I was reviewing a lot
of different watercolor sets, a lot of you guys were requesting me testing Indian art supplies. I hear you, I hear you. And that’s why I wanted to test it out and see how I like it. And let me show you what I got. This is a huge huge massive
pack of art supplies. So this video’s going rather a haul slash first impression test out video. So I’m super excited to
see how everything works and let’s start with the first set. And that’s watercolor set by Camel. Camel? It has 12 different shades
and it comes with 12 tubes. Let’s see. It kinda reminds me of the Pentel. Pentel … What’s this? Entry label. Camel art contest. This set kinda reminds me
of the Pentel watercolor set that I showed you guys and it also kinda reminds
me of sugar colors that you’d use for cookies. ‘Cause the colors are so vibrant. Let’s start and test them out. I have cold press watercolor
paper by Hahnemuhle. Yeah, I need a brush, it will be good. Da Vinci watercolor brush. Alright, so let’s see,
let’s start with the yellow. So creamy. It says students watercolor, so it sounds like it’s not that bad and also not super professional. A lot of you guys were asking
me about watercolor tubes because you have difficulties for that. If you’re a beginner and you have no idea how you’re
supposed to use watercolors, you’re not supposed to use
the watercolor in tubes like acrylic paint. You need activate it with paint. Activate it waterco– You have to activate it with water and really use just a
little bit of the paint that is inside. Not straight from the tube. Or otherwise it will last
you just like two paintings. (jazzy music) It’s actually not that bad. Oh, that’s a nice color. Feel like I haven’t painted
roses in such a long time I have no idea how to paint it anymore. (jazzy music) Gonna also add some more here, like so. And maybe a little bit of this yellow. But it somehow, it dries really quickly. I don’t know if it’s the paper. So yeah, I’m actually, I kinda like it. So guys, I approve. (laughs) I would need to test it out more to see how it actually performs. The only problem is that
I think that the colors are just so, it’s a red, like it’s pink, but it’s not that red. Like, now you would need
to know the color theory and how you can create
a red out of this pink and it’s kinda difficult. Let me see. Well I will add a little of brown. This actually makes the
color a little bit like muted so it’s not super bright like here. First impression was pretty good. I don’t know how difficult it would be to create an actual painting. The only things that are
in here are this red, but it’s actually pink, and also this. It looks like a little bit
like a darker red, it’s brown. Next we have brush pens. Watercolor effect with
ease of brush tip pen. It has flexible brush and gives a fine, medium, and bold stroke. So let’s check it out! So I will be using hand lettering paper, because it’s just a smooth
surface, but you don’t have to. This is a beautiful color. Also again the colors are so random. I don’t know. I don’t really like it
when colors are just, why is this blue here and
why is this blue here? Makes no sense! Let’s start with something obvious. This brush is really, I don’t know, it’s very, like why is this, like it’s not a smooth transition between the thick to the thin. Or is it just me? Weird transition. And it’s pretty bended afterwards. This transition, it’s
like, not smooth at all. From downstroke to the side, it’s like, this line, it just stops. Very difficult. I think it’s nice that you
can create very thin lines and thick lines and even thicker lines. That’s pretty awesome. But at the same time, if you want to hand letter, really tricky. The colors are very vibrant as well. It’s not like super dry or anything. And also, the colors
didn’t go through a lot. Which is great! Alright, so the next thing,
this is watercolor cakes. But look at this package. Isn’t it neat? Super cute. I think that’s why I bought it. Ooh. Well this brush looks very scary. Bristles glued together, not
really making a proper brush. So this is not something I would use. Not happy with it. Wow, that’s so colorful! Very nice. But it’s already like, you have so many different
variations of colors. You don’t have just one red
that looks like pink in the end. This is really pretty. God, that’s so cool. And you can just hold it
like a painter and just like, let’s take, let’s take
this beautiful green. I don’t know if it’s creepy or not. I feel like Bob Ross right now. (upbeat music) I would say that the
colors in the beginning, they look a little bit pale
now, once they were dry. So I’m curious how they will dry. So we will just wait a little bit. Alright. What I was most excited about
is this gel crayon classic. It says it’s kinda like a crayon, but you can also activate it with water and then you have watercolors. So it comes with 12 different shades. Alright. Got it. Ooh. Looks like a, like a lipstick crayon. Doesn’t smell like anything. I don’t why I smelled right now, but. Can smudge it a little bit, yeah, okay. So it’s like an oil pastel maybe? Let me see how you actually activate it. Ooh! That’s nice. Like something like here. For example, keep this
and just activate this. So you have something like
texture and more dimension. But I don’t know if it like smudges, like you probably have
to seal it some how. Let me know in the comments if something that I show
you here in the video is something that you
use, what you think of it, if you like it, if you hate it. I’ve never tried something like this. I know there are watercolor
like, sticks, crayons, that you can activate with water but I have never tried them. It’s really cool. I wonder what other techniques there are. The problem is that it’s just very thick. But it’s not very detailed. Maybe I can smooth them out. So they dry a little bit flaky here. So I guess you have to work them in more. The next thing on the
program is color pencils. A lot of you guys are asking about tutorials
on color pencils. I hear you, but it’s just not something that I personally use a lot. I’m more like the watercolor
acrylic type of person. I used to draw more, but nowadays I like to paint more I think. I don’t know. I like watercolor pencils. A lot of colors. Again, why is this blue here? Not here? And why is this red here? I don’t understand why people put colors so randomly. It has lots of shades, like red shades. I think you can pretty much create super great
gradients between those. I don’t what to say about them because I’m not a expert on like, pencils. I think they are pretty nice. Lastly, last but not least we have. Too doo! Oil pastels. I don’t what it is, but I really like the sound of packaging, like packages, like this. (plastic crinkles) So nice. I’m weird. Alright, so it comes with 50 shades, wow. Oh, beauty. Comes with this camel. (laughs) That’s so cute! I guess you can use this for techniques. Scratch the colors off. Let me smell it. I don’t know. Smells like oil pastels, I guess. (laughs) For oil pastels, or pastels in general, you’re supposed to use
like, paint that is– Paint, not paint. Paper that has texture so it can like, the tooth of the paper can
really grab the pigments. This feels differently to
the crayon, that’s for sure. This feels more dry. I watched some tutorials on oil pastels so I can learn a little bit about it and a lot of people were saying the best way is to use multiple colors. Like you want more depth. And create shades and more like create dots
and smudge them together. And why is this red here? I don’t get it. (upbeat music) Because I have no comparison, I don’t know how well or how bad they are. Well, it’s a little difficult
to smudge in my opinion. I think I would use like a smudging tool. Your finger is probably too big for that. The colors just dried. This is the cake, the watercolor cake, and it dried really vibrant and colorful. This is the tube paint and it looks really dull and
pale compared to this, so. I didn’t really expect
that it would work so well, because usually when the
colors come like this, in this like, tabs, they don’t really perform
that will in my opinion. So I need to test out if they are really like,
translucent or not, if you can blend them nicely, but if you just want to have fun with them I think they are great. Probably smell a little bit like plastic. Anyway. (laughs) So I really hope you enjoy this video. Give this video a thumbs up and let me know what else
you would like to see in the future. If you’re new here,
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