Testing the Derwent Coloursoft colored pencils 36

Hello everyone, so for Christmas I got
these Derwent Colorsoft colored pencils in the set of 36, so let’s test them out. In
the first part of the video I will just swatch them and label the pencils. In the
second part I will show you how I am planning to use them. For the swatches
I’m using Canson Imagine mixed media paper. Writing the names will help me with the
labeling later. Just so you know I am NOT a professional artist and I have no idea
how to properly use pencils, so I’m sorry if it hurts you watching it. However any tips and tricks are appreciated Now I wasn’t sure if I want to use just
blender or odourles mineral spirits but in the end I just used the blender. I like to label my pencils and markers
directly on the body, it is faster to choose since you don’t have to look it
up by the name on a chart. And this is how I am planning to use the
pencils. I like to use them just for the finishing touches or with a coloring book. Drawing a full picture with pencil is unimaginable for me Enjoy the rest of the video and see you next time


  • aartadventure

    I really want to try these pencils, but I already own several sets hehehe. I love your purple bird. Is it an original drawing, or from a colouring book?

  • George89

    They blend so smootly, that's original derwent blender? Also they look huge in your hands. 🙂

  • Azriel PSX

    Thank you


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