TESTING the MOST EXPENSIVE COLORED PENCILS!? // Caran D’ache Luminance Pencils

Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! Guys, I did
something that took me almost two years to make the decision to do, and let
me just preface this video by saying I’m a very, very frugal person. I hate
spending money, but because art is my career, I wanted to upgrade something
pretty big, since… you know… I sell my artwork to make a living… and what it is…
cannot believe I did this! But seriously, it took me two years to
make up my mind. I bought the Caran D’ache Luminance colored pencils! I’m
super super excited about this! I pretty much just went all out, and
that is because — let me show you something real quick…
All these old prismacolor pencil tins that I have… they’re really busted
up. They’re really broken and let’s be real… these are both probably around ten years
old. One of them might be nine. I don’t know. And outside ofYouTube, I like to do realism. I like to draw
people. Get all the plastic off. So the reason why I got these pencils… it’s not
to a brag that I got new pencils in a video, but I really want to push
myself artistically and off camera dive into a lot of the artwork that I really
like, but maybe don’t have time to film because the filming and editing process
is really long. One of the biggest reasons I got them was because, if I
intend to sell my artwork, I want it to be lightfast. Okay, so these are very
lightfast. I almost got the Faber Castell Polychromos pencils, but I…
I looked up a lot of reviews, and compared them, and I think for the stuff
that I plan to draw, the color selection in this set just made more sense to me.
So I’m really excited about this, and I want to test these out in today’s video!
And I hope that we like them. *laughs* Oh my goodness! I’m so excited!
Ah! Oh my word this is legit, yo! What in the world?! This is packaged very
nicely! Wow! Never seen art supplies packaged so boujie before! Okay, I did get the
biggest set that they had. That’s the 76 set, because I already know that I like
colored pencils, and I would rather just get the set up front. That’s the
kind of person I am. I’m not super huge on slowly building sets. I
just want to dive in. I’m really excited to do portraits! Oh my goodness!
Oh my word! This is incredible. There’s all these little trays! What do I do with them?! Where do I… sit them?Alright, let’s let’s open this up! Oh my word!
Whoa! Get out! Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! Look at all these neutrals! Oh my goodness!
This is so beautiful! Do you see this?! Okay, this is the art nerd in me coming
out fully right now. We are going to swatch some stuff today! I do have my
good pencil sharpener on me, so we can get stuff really sharp and have a good
time! Draw some things! I am ready for this! I am so ready for this, guys! Alright, I have all this colored pencil paper here, and true story dude,
I bought this like a year and a half ago when I was
planning to buy new colored pencils, but again, I am somebody who like… these kinds
of decisions take me a really long time. So I bought the paper, and then I
was like, “oh is that a good decision? I don’t know.. I should look at more reviews.”
And yeah, here we are! I even message different artists like, “would you recommend the Polychromos, or the Caran D’ache pencils?”
and then I ended up getting these ones! Oh my goodness! This is so exciting! This
is a nice like.. firm feeling pencil.. you don’t really have to press hard to get a
lot of pigment, and that is impressive to me. So I’m not pressing super hard to
like fill in all that white space, because these pencils aren’t like fully
sharpened yet. I like them to have a really really sharp point. Wow, this is so
cool, guys! Wow, okay we definitely just need to jump into a drawing and
experience it! I can swatch more off camera.
That’s okay! This is nice though. Alright guys, I have a question for you
because when I get a new art supply, there’s always that one thing that I go
to draw because I’m comfortable with that thing — eyes. So since I’m testing
these colored pencils, what a great opportunity to just draw an eye! Go back
to my old roots.. see what we can do with this new set of pencils.. Does anybody
else do this, or am I just weird? Does anybody go to some sort of comfort thing
to draw when they’re entering a new beginning with a new supply? Alright guys,
I have a lot to say about these. I’m gonna be spilling some tea, but I’m gonna
give you a little heads up: this is not sponsored. I paid for this. I saved up for
these, and everything I’m gonna tell you here is just my experience. So I
have been using Prismacolors for about 10 years now, and my babies are busted up.
They’re crumbling to dust, and every time I sharpen them, I get really frustrated.
just being real with you. I love the pencils to death, but I was just getting
annoyed that they broke so much, so that’s why I kind of decided to venture
into other brands. I was really nervous about switching, because I really
liked how soft and pigmented the lead was in my Prismacolors. They blended so
beautifully, and I still really like them. I still plan to use them… I’m not bashing them or anything like that… but I was I guess I was nervous to switch, because I
hear that a lot of other colored pencils are different, but I noticed some things
with these and I really liked it. The lead is a lot harder. Tt doesn’t break as
often, so that’s a plus. And blending actually isn’t harder like I thought it
would be! But it feels the same to me. They’re both wax based, so yeah.
I would say the wax bloom on these is significantly less than Prismacolors. I can layer and
layer and yeah it.. just keeps going! I really like that. I also really enjoyed
the fact that there are so many skin tones, and there are also so many
neutrals. I really like layering neutrals on top of other colors. Guys,
this this entire piece just felt like home to me.
Even though it was a new art supply… diving back into realism just felt
really good. I’ve actually been doing this a lot behind the scenes lately. I
just don’t really share it, because filming YouTube videos is a lot of
pressure. Like first of all, you have to make sure your lighting is okay. Your
camera angle. Your audio. And then then there’s the pressure of sketching
on camera, you know? And realism it takes forever, guys. Like… forever. I mean,
sometimes I can spend days on a realistic portrait, so to edit that is
like subjecting my computer to crashing, and then me having a breakdown. So I
usually do more illustrative stuff on my channel. I have done a couple realistic
things in the past like Professor Snape, and it actually it doesn’t even do
really well on my channel, so I don’t even know if people want to see this. But I’m having
fun just creating what I enjoy for today’s video!
This piece didn’t take super long. It was more of a gestural realistic piece.
Like you can see the paper peeking through some of the skin tones (yes, I am intentionally using the textured side. That’s my style) I would
normally cover all of that up, but I was I was just having fun. I talked about
this piece with my Patrons, and I think I tend to gravitate toward realism when
I’m coping with a lot of stressful stuff in life, so looking at the past
like months worth of artwork… I would say yeah, I have been stressed out.
This is such a great outlet for me, though. Tt feels really good to just let
go. Part of my mind feels like it can turn off and process other
compartments of my life when I do realism. So I really enjoy that. By the
way, if you want to see like sneak peeks of stuff that I don’t really talk about
on my channel or in-depth on Instagram, you can find that stuff over on Patreon.
There’s a link below this video. I do touch on more personal background
info with my pieces and stuff, so if you’re curious, you can check that out
because I did ramble on about this piece on there. This was really
fun, and I feel like very in tune with a lot of things now, because this was just
how I introverted and processed a lot of stuff I’ve been going through. And I felt
kind of burnt out lately, and this was actually really recharging. Let me know
if you guys have a creative outlet below, and what it is. How do you process life
when you need to introvert? I’d be really curious to hear that ,and the things you
enjoy doing! Here’s the finished piece! Thank you so much for watching, guy! I hope you enjoyed this video! If you liked the realism thing, let me know, and
maybe I’ll do it here and there more often. Have a good day, everybody! Bye!


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    And what I'm really enjoying is that I'm obviously a complete noob, so I'm making a lot of mistakes, and having to rework/erase all the time, so when I start off with a reference picture I never really know how my piece is going to work out and how it's going to look. So when I've finished it's always really fascinating for me to stand back and look at what I've done, and how it compares to my reference. A real journey of discovery! Although also an amount of frustration when (usually) it doesn't look how I wanted it to at the end. But that is also acting as a spur, and motivator, to carry on and try to see where I've made mistakes, and what I can do improve upon them next time.

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