TESTING WATERPROOF MAKEUP?! || Full Face Drugstore vs. High-End

I debated so hardcore about whether or not I was gonna to wash my hair Before filming this video and washing my hair won because it was so bad. Even though I’m gonna jump in a pool in about half an hour Still washed my hair. You know when you’re like on the fence about it and you’re like I’ll just throw it up in a ponytail and then the next day you’re like its fine I’ll just throw in some more dry shampoo and then the next day you’re like, you know what this isn’t acceptable to go out in public. So my hairs just been washed. It’s gonna look really great for this video and then I’m gonna go jump in the pool it’s gonna be covered in chlorine and then we’re gonna have to wash it again. It’s all good though, it’s all good. We gonna make it work. Hello everyone! I’m here today to share with you guys a new waterproof makeup tested video. I did two last year, one drugstore and One high end and i tested out a whole bunch of products and then jumped into my parent’s pool to kinda test out if it was actually as waterproof as they claim it to be. So you can check out those videos in the cards section in case you are interested But today I’m gonna be testing out new products for the most part except for one. I could not find another option for this one particular product. But it’s fine. It’s fine. And today we’re going to be splitting my face down the middle we’re gonna do one side drug store and one side high end and we’re gonna see if the high end products are actually worth the price. if they actually last longer throughout the day, in the pool, if they wear better or if the drugstore side is just as good. These aren’t necessarily dupes, because some of them are different formulas. for example, brows I have a pomade and then i have a brow pencil so they’re not gonna be dupes but i’m just splitting up my face cause i have a lot of products that I wanted to test out today. But I hope you guys find this video helpful, and if you do, please give it a big thumbs up and subscribe so you don’t miss out on new videos on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and without further ado, let’s get into this. Alright so now that we’re zoomed in, first of all I just want to state off the top that I don’t wear this much makeup ever when I’m in the pool. Normally I just, I, I don’t wear any makeup when I’m in the pool. But you know what we’re going to do all of the options here and then you can kind of pick and choose whatever works best for you. So we’re gonna start with two tinted moisturizers. That are water resistant. One is by Physician’s Formula. This is their OrganicWear Work it! Marathonista tinted moisturizer. And we are going to be comparing it to the Shisedo Urban Environment tinted UV protector. And I don’t know where my headbands went! Alright so let’s start with the Physician’s Formula side here. I always love the Physician’s Formula packaging. It’s always so pretty. Best to blend it out with your fingertips. So, I guess I’ll do that on both sides. Maybe? I don’t know. Whoa that is more full coverage than I was anticipating. Well that’s good. No, you know what, I’m using a brush for this. The formula’s very creamy. Its blending in to the skin very nicely. It is giving pretty good coverage considering. It’s like a tinted moisturizer Um, and uh yeah, its looking, its looking pretty, Its looking pretty good. By the way, all Ihave on my skin right now is moisturizer and um, some SPF. Cuz that’s what I would normally wear. And that’s what I would recommend wearing. Alright so that is one side done And now we are going to go on to the Shisedo side. This one has a much lighter consistency. The Physician’s Formula one was much creamier and thicker. So on first application I really don’t like how the Shisedo one is settling into the pores on my skin. Now granted I didn’t use a primer because I didn’t want to, um, switch up what the, um, product was like sitting on my skin and I couldn’t find one that was water resistant, so I thought better to just like avoid it altogether, but the Shisedo one just seems to be, I dont’ know, like clumping up around that area a little bit. But from far away it looks fine. Just sort of a heads up. For concealer we are going to be going in with the Benefit Booing Airbrush concealer. And another Physician’s Formula product. This is the, um, Twin concealer. The two-in-one cream concealer. I wanted to choose two that were going to be fairly similar in coverage and I believe these to be both medium coverage, I think. I’ve never used this one before. But I know that the Boooing one is for sure. Um, so I felt that was going to be the fairest. There is a ton of really high coverage concealers from Sephora though. So check out the one I did, um, last year that was the high-end ones tested, in case you’re interested. Tons of really good ones out there. So we are going to do a little concealer. I find this one blends in fairly well. It does a fairly good job covering, um, but for like dark circles and stuff I feel more comfortable having a like color corrector on underneath because this just isn’t enough coverage for me personally. There’s one side and now we’re gonna go in with the Physician’s Formula. By the way I’m using my fingers to blend everything out, um, just because I find it gives me a little bit more coverage. Alright, so both are on and I’m going to say that this round the Benefit one wins. I just like the effect it gives. The only downside is its not full enough coverage for me to feel comfortable with the under eye area. I feel like I can still see some like blueness under the eye so this isn’t my favorite, but it is a good one if you don’t need something that’s full high coverage. I do like the effect. It is very like airbrush-y to me and I think its a very smooth and easy product to work with and I prefer it over this one for sure. Now I’m going to go on to highlight and to be honest I couldn’t find a water resistant highlight anywhere. So I’m just going to be going in with the Cover FX custom cover drops. This is in the shade, I think, Moonlight. But just becuase I felt like, uhh, I’m already doing makeup I might as well put on some highlight too. So, I’m going to put that on one side of the face and gonna use the Loreal liquid highlight for the other side. I lied! I couldn’t find the Loreal one anywhere so we’re gonna use the Master Strobing stick. This is by Maybelline. This does not work at all with a brush. There we go, let’s put it on first. There we go. Alright now I’m gonna set everything down just a little bit with a tiny bit of powder. These aren’t water resistant powders, but I haven’t found water resistant powders, um, so I’m gonna use a high-end one and a drugstore one, sorry, drugstore one and a high-end one on my face. I’m gonna be using the Too Faced powder Born this Way Ethereal setting powder And I’m going to use the Cody Airspun on the other side. Alright now onto brows. And these are two entirely different types of brow products, but their both waterproof so I wanted to test them out and see how waterproof they are. One is the Loreal Brow Stylist Definer. This is in dark brunette. And I’m going to compare it to the Pretty Vulgar Rising Arc pomade and this is in Twisted Tail. Okay! Brows are on and now we are gonna go on to bronzer. This is the one product that I couldn’t find anything new from the drugstore so I’m going to use from the drugstore one that I used last time. It is the Rimmel Natural Bronzer. It is their waterproof bronzing powder. Couldn’t find anything else that was waterproof bronzer from the drugstore. I’m just saying.. Rimmel you have the ENTIRE category. And I’m going to be comparing it today to the Makeup Forever Pro Bronze Fusion. This is their ultra natural and waterproof bronzer. And I use…this is the shade 10M. Whatever that means. Oh my gosh that’s the coolest texture ever! Can you guys see that? Because that is awesome. It’s like super wavy and its got all these like grooves in it. Oh! That is so cool. So first I’m gonna make sure that I have no extra bronzer on my brush to start out with. You guys watch Thursday’s video you’ll know what I’m talking about. I think its nice to just, even if you don’t want a ton of coverage, but you want to seem a little bit bronzy and glowy just throwing on a bit of bronzer and maybe some mascara and you’re good. But everyone’s a little bit different on what they want to apply to their face and that’s what’s so great about makeup. That it is completely customizable. Alright and again wiping off my brush. And going in with the other one. And I’m not gonna do any blush today. I’m just going to use bronzer because I feel like, again, I didn’t want to go too excessive today. Uh, just slightly extra, you know? But I feel like bronzer is like very summer-y and feels like if I was going to choose one or the other, I’d probably choose bronzer so that is what we’re gonna go with. Now my lashes are curled and we’re going to go on to a little bit of eyeliner. I’m gonna be testing out the difference between the Marc Jacobs highliner one. This is in Earthquake versus the, um, Rimmel Exact Right waterproof eye definer. Oh no! Look what I did everyone. Yep, we all make mistakes. It’s fine, we’ll clean it up. And now for mascara we are obviously gonna be choosing waterproof mascaras. So on the high end side I’m gonna be testing out the Dior Overcurl, their iconic one. And then on the drugstore side, I’m gonna be testing out a new mascara. This is by Maybelline. It is their Lash Sensational Curvitude waterproof mascara. And both of them have sort of that curved brush so I felt like they would be fairly similar I would think in application. But we’ll see what the formulas are likea and we’ll see what they look like on the eyeballs. By the way, I love when the mascara wand comes separately and like you get to like hold it when it doesn’t have any mascara on it. So am I the only one that thinks that’s cool? So I’ll start with the drugstore mascara just kind of curious what this one is like. So ignoring the fact that I have smudged mascara all over my lids, um, this is what one coat of mascara looks like. I like it, like personally, I think that looks really pretty. So while the mascara dries on my lid so I can kind of remove it, I’m gonna go on to the other side. I have to say I’m not really liking the formula on the Dior side. The formula is verrrrry dry, Like its really hard for me to like comb it through my lashes. Its like I’m really like struggling here. It’s not very easy to do. So I’m worried how this is going to layer if its already so difficult to get it onto my lashes in the first place. So that is one coat of Dior, one coat of Maybelline and I’m going to say for my- self that I think I like the Maybelline side better. I don’t know, editing Racheal, do you have an opinion? Which side do you think looks best? I’m gonna add a thin second coat of both mascaras cuz I’m kind of curious how they’re going to layer and how dramatic its going to get. And we’ll see what the result is. Alright so that’s two coats on my eyes. I like the Maybelline side better, both for the price and also the formula. And how it looks on my eyes. I just think its blacker and it looks better and applied easier. I just think its the better mascara in this case. And lastly is the lip product. And this is the only part of this look that’s gonna probably look a little bit odd because I thought these colors would be a lot more similar than they, then they actually are But you know what? We’re gonna go with it. Testing purposed you know. So on the drugstore side, I’m gonna be testing out the Nyx liquid Suede cream lipstick one one side. And then on the other side the Vice liquid lipstick in the shade Backtalk. Alright so that is the Nyx color on one side. I really like it. This is the shade Softspoken by the way. Really pretty color. I love it. I’m really excited about that one. And we are going to compare it to this Vice shade. Alright so there is lipsticks on the lips. Its not terrible, but they’re obviously not the same. They’re not a dupe colortone-wise, but they’re both supposed to be waterproof liquid lipsticks. So I thought I would test it out. Um, so yeah, so now we are done the entire look and I have tested out a whole bunch of products here so now we’re gonna go and jump in the pool. Wish me luck everyone. Hopefully this goes well. Alright, so pre-going into the pool. Pool is behind me I just wanted to show you guys what the makeup looked like, um, before I go in. So I have a very clear kind of before and after, so now let’s go in the pool. Okay, now we are out of the pool and I want to show you guys what my makeup looked like right now. And to be honest it’s not great. So right underneath like my concealer and everything has completely broken up on both sides. That might be because it is water resistant and not waterproof. The foundation has rubbed off. Again, its a tinted moisturizer, but on the Shisedo side I have noticed its mostly gone but the Physician’s Formula seems to still be on. And then the lip product, ummm, its holding out pretty well. It’s starting to fade in patches on both sides Umm, but they seem to still be there so that’s good. And then the mascara seems to be holding up well on both sides, but the liner definitely not. You can see it like smudged underneath my eyes like crazy. So, I mean, overall on both sides I wasn’t overly impressed with either of them and I think I had better success last year so check out those videos because I don’t know man, not feelin’ my makeup right now. Okay don’t mind me just filming a wrap up on my phone because all of my footage is currently uploading on my computer. I don’t know why I didn’t film an outro, but I didn’t. I hope you guys liked this video If you did, give it a thumbs up and subscribe so you don’t miss out on any videos every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. And that’s everything. I hope you guys are having an amazing, amazing week so far and I’ll see you guys in my next video. Love you girls. Muuuah

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