The 1955 Chevrolet Super BelAir Iced in House Of Kolor

My name is Bob Mandell from Culleoka, Tennessee
my shops called Bob’s Pro Fab the Chassis Shop and this here is my 1955 Chevrolet that
me and my two sons built. This was a dream car that we started off talking for many years
about building a ‘55 cool looking race car body because there’s not a whole lot of bodies
out there for the ‘55 Chevy. So this is how it all started here and we started building
a car we had a customer out of Boise, Ohio Tim Wallace is his name he’s the guy that
was the background that supported our build he wanted the first car of it so we started
building a plug car we spent a whole year designing a plug car making all the cool alterations
to the body and stuff and trying to make it as sleek as possible but still retain the
’55 Chevy look. We wanted a car to be arrow enough kind of fast enough be able to exceed
250 mile in a quarter-mile but also still retain it looks on the ‘55 that every body
loves. All the body paint work we credit Jeff Hoskins out of Saint Louis, Missouri. We got
with him to do all the bodywork paint work and we wanted to create the nostalgia look
of the car with a two-tone paint job and we wanted to and all the factory moldings all
the factory trim to try to retain that look so everybody that sees the car everybody walked
up to the car knows exactly what the car is and how it’s supposed to be as a Super BelAir
as a BelAir but we call it the Super BelAir. Everybody is just a overwhelmed with the detail
work I’ll with all the air brush work most significant part in the car is the moldings
as people walk up to the car we’ve had people ask if they could touch ’em and we’re like
no they are painted on because they physically think that they are real moldings, real emblems
and its all credited to Jeff and his two guys at his shop. The House of Kolor is it came
about because I am and love in orange a we love the sunset orange and we are trying to
come up with either a cream or a white off white a silver we can on back and back and
forth on it we credit Jeff he come up with the Volkswagen color on the roof the cream
color 2013 Volkswagen but we took the pearl out of the orange and put it into the cream-color
to give it that affect. We are real racers we are defiantly taking it to the track we
will be testing in Bowling Green, Kentucky in two weeks our first race plans and go to
PDR race first of April and run the top sportsmen event runner race their race series with that.


  • Frank Mc3.

    250mph???????? I don't know if he did that yet?

  • Frank Mc3.

    That is the best looking 55 I ever seen, the ones in Promod have destroyed the body.

  • refusetoassimilate

    This IS the most beautiful custom drag car I have EVER seen!!! AMAZING work all the way in & around!!!

  • rick nutballs

    Zironi this car hasn't hit 250…he runs low 6's in the 1/4 at somewhere around the 220-225 mph mark.

  • Baily Denhouten

    I'm appalled at the destruction and ridiculous mistreatment and molestation this automobile has endured

  • Ivana Notyers

    Wow. Amazing.

  • Connie Suddath

    Love those Chevys.

  • D G

    This was a seriously nice car, plastering it with stickers etc. when they did fucked it though

  • D H

    Post a vid of it on the track please

  • Karma Barrier13

    is this drag or track?

  • Lance Johnson

    Beautiful car great work

  • 35Bare

    Just to let everyone know Bob Mondell Fucked over a lot of people in the Detroit area,,and screwed Joe baylogg out of thousands of dollars for his car,,after about 5 years he got itall hey does is copy cut and paste other people design,,I.E. Tim mcAmis,,,Andy Robinson and others,,,The body is a Tim McAmis body and The chassis is of Ti'ms design,,,,yes it is a Lovely car,,,But i don't give bob credit he's just a Theif

  • Mr.Do's It Model Car Builder

    55 two door sedan. is my dream car. had 55 sedan delivery. have a 56 delivery for 45 years now. give it too my son. that is one bad 55 there. love it. thanks for sharing.

  • Charles Dail

    Truly a gorgeous car kudos to the guy in St. Louis for the paint truly fabulous


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