The Art Assignment 10: Make a Rug #withcaptions

This week’s art assignment is to
make a rug using fabric from discarded materials
or clothes from around the house I cut up some old sheets as well as some material
from a dress I was going to sew but never did there was so much cutting I actually got a blister from the scissors The rug starts in the center and works outward in concentric circles working in the center of this rug was an
introspective process for me as a mother a one-year-old
I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on the origin of personhood. We all start as bursting potential and over time we develop the means to express that potential I like thinking about spiraling circles as a
representation of life. We passed through the cyclical pattern revisiting the places we’ve been before
but this time with a more advanced perspective and maybe even some
skills we’ve developed along the way maybe intentionally
or maybe without even noticing we’re integrating all of our experiences
all along the way whenever I want not something with a lot
of repetitive motion like drawing a mandala or making this rug or even just chopping some vegetables,
there’s a part of me that’s looking at this integration and doing my best to make the most of it
as best I can at the same time there’s this other part
of me that’s anxious and buzzing with existential evaluations like “What am I doing with my life?” This part just kinda
rages out while the other part watches but on the outside
I’m just plodding along on the task at hand in this case, tying one knot after another in a replica of the Wheel of Life each knot is the present moment’s place
in a larger picture a day within a lifetime or an individual within a large-scale cultural system then again, maybe I don’t have to
turn everything into some numinous experience sometimes it’s just nice to have a place to set the baby down while I put away laundry thanks for watching


  • Meg Gilbert

    Thanks, @Ashley Kister!

  • Xenolilly

     I wrote a really long comment, but then the playlist moved me on to the next video. lol All well I'm sure it wasn't too important.  Great job. Mine is almost done, but I want to add two more sheets at least.

  • David Shi

    I like your thoughts on this assignment; also, it would be REALLY interesting to write/embroider words or messages onto the strips before weaving them in!

    What music did you use?

  • ARTiculations

    Omg that Kirby plush is soooooo cute where did you get it I want one

  • Sandra Ann

    I love all your assignment videos, although this has to be my favourite to date. Lily is totally super cute, the rug looks fab and your voice over spoke volumes in so many ways. The humorous line at the end made me smile!

    I always look out for your uploads as they are based upon good content and are informative and challenging.

    Thank you

    San xx

  • 1book1review

    Loved your commentary, so insightful!

  • YUMMommy

    This is so awesome!  I want to attempt to make a rug with some scrap fabric and old sheets that I have.   #VlogMoms  

  • NZ Biodegradable LIVING

    Great vid i just made one similar


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