The Benefits of the Design-Assist Approach (Enersolv Design & Build Ltd.)

Building developers know the construction process can be expensive. If it doesn’t go to plan. Conflicts and drawings not found until construction commences can result in expensive and time delaying change orders. Typically installers work from drawings provided by numerous consultants. There is potential for the systems identified in these drawings to compete for space with each other what would be the cost of these conflicts if gone unnoticed until construction starts? Time? Financial? Both? Often it would mean an unplanned and hastily executed redesign that could result in a very costly reinstallation. What if the Design – Build process could be truly integrated and conflicts resolved before construction commences – making change orders a thing of the past? At Enersolv, we take single line drawings and produce our own two and three-dimensional shop drawings and walk-through videos, which allows us to spot conflicts early before it can become an expensive problem. Our skilled shop drawings and images show the actual size of equipment in all dimensions. This provides a true representation of the space required to fit all equipment and piping allowing for intelligent pre-construction placement. Eliminate the unknowns. Call Enersolv today to discuss your project. Enersolv – efficient installation by design.

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