The BEST Way To Strip Rust, Paint & Body Filler! Amazing New Tool from Eastwood.

if you need one tool that will do the work of four you need to check out the contour SCT surface conditioning tool exclusively from eastwood the contour SE t surface conditioning tool will prep your metal for paint removing surface rust while leaving the tooth you need for perfect primer adhesion that’s right not only will remove the rust it also preps the metal for primer at the same time doing two jobs at once mean you don’t have to grab a sander and go back over the area just did if you need to remove paint roster body filler simply attach the expander wheel with sandpaper or the abrasive drum and quickly get your panels down to bare metal in fact the tools even great for sanding wood and preparing your deck for fresh stain or paint have you seen with the professionals like Empire fab Phillips hot rods and customs and Brady fabrication are saying about the tool they all seem to love and your social media fans can’t get enough with more than a half million views in a few days when some of their videos showing them how to use the tool let’s take a closer look at the contour SE t it comes with a non woven nylon drum perfect for removing light rust while prepping your medal for paint it’s also good for giving a brush metal appearance with a handle behind the drum not only is it easy to control it also prevents twerking of the drum this organ ama kin line design prevents torque load keeps the drum turning so you can keep stripping the rust paint and body filler without adding too much heat into the metal it has a speed control knobs you can dial in the tool to meet your exact needs it has a built-in soft-start feature that gradually increases speed to prevent the tool from pulling up if you’re using a tool for an extended period of time you can lock the on button this tool is built to last with an industrial-style gear drive rather than a belt like you see on lesser quality tools changing the drums is simple just depress the drive lock button and remove the cap screw remember it is a left hand thread so you’ll need to turn in the opposite direction than usual remove the drum and slide on another style like the abrasive wheel and tighten the screw the contour ICT will tear through paint primers and layers of body work with ease leaving you with a clean metal surface ready for fresh primer you can even get into contours with the edge of the tool here’s a time-saving tip if you’re doing metal fabric making floor pans make sure you prep the metal with a contour SE t the scuff metal to give it to ‘the for primer before rolling beads are bending the edges that way when you roll the beads or bend the metal every edge banding contour is already scuffed and ready for primer if you wait until after you roll the beads or make the bends you miss sections and you need to come back and stuff all those areas again now if you need a tool that’s great for moving Russell prepping the middle for primer you need the contour SE t from eastwood plus it’s great for removing paint body filler and even heavy rust in fact it’s awesome for around the home where you can use it to refinish deck stairs and railing it’s one tool that’s so much more one tool that will do the job of many not only on that restoration but also around the home and garage click the button visit and get more info or your contour SE t today

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