WELCOME GAMERS! TO The Official Discord Painting Competition(by google) Where a hundred people will be forced to use MS paint to draw the most compelling and breathtaking images All contestants will compete for a chance to win $1,000 sponsored by my mom’s ᵖᵘʳˢᵉ And partnered up with Dollar Shave Club the hosts: ME. The judges: the entire twitch chat. Let’s see how this goes Also, make sure to join the Discord server down below While you guys draw on MS paint, it has to be on MS paint. I will be drawing on the board camp Oh my god. Oh my god. I’m so sorry. The board cam is right here Meaning every time you guys will draw I will be drawing here myself since it’s a first round we’re gonna get people 10 Minutes. You will go on the paintings chat, and you will submit your *Yeet* paintings *Quackity laughs* THAT’S GONNA BE THE FIRST PICTURE Here’s a catch: you have to draw that picture like so, AND add something of your own. Creativity counts A lot. Let’s f*cking do this. I Can’t fucking, I can’t fucking poop *Rip the baby* Let’s f*cking do this. We’re just gonna draw his massive chin ass cracks anime eyes- NO He’s crying Those are beautiful crying eyes. Stop it. I’m trying my best man. I’m not making him a furry I already gave him anime eyes. Like you guys told me to. OH, that’s beautiful. I’ll you give a kiss *MWAH* I can’t- HhA. I can’t f*cking, I can’t fucking poop. I think it looks fucking incredible 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 10 MINUTES OVER. x2 First one! *Quackity laughs* Did you cover him in F*UCKING POOP?! You covered him in shit. And that’s a YES? He did it! Chat- Chat says yes. *Quackity laughs more* When the POOP DEALER F*CKING DIES ;-; Did you cover him in shit too?! you make it to the next round ma friend. Hah- You put him in the toilet? *inhale* YOU PUT HIM IN A TOILET That is a yes from the chat! the chat likes you what did you d- HAHAHA? What did you do to him? Kiss me my so- is that me? who is that? is that the POOP DEALER? It’s a NO from chat. What- what the f*ck?! Why’d you give him such as clown hat? What did you do to the poor clown man? ;-; It’s like really 50/50 chat 👏👏! is 👏 this a yes or no from chat? AND he stays in the competition, that’s incredible! What the hell man my digestive system is working just fine my friend sorry the colors are wrong I’m colorblind Wow, and the chat says yes Just looks like a goddamn blob it looks like patrick cockburn song Looks like Mommy quack take it. I’m not his mom. Imagine your child wakes you up in the middle of the night says I can’t fucking Let’s go quick I guess my heart this is so sad. Alright chat said yes you made it in I can’t Yes Are you guys fucking joking is this a fucking joke you guys constant you guys concept but I get yeah, fuck it Whatever subscribe or I cry? No, I’m not gonna let the chat vote on you straight-up That can be stru feeling look at that, he’s got like snot coming out of his nose – good job That is incredible. Remember guys anything that looks like shit I’m not even gonna submit it to voting cuz you guys somehow let this guy Make it to the next fuckin what’s wrong with you guys? You gave him 3 chins you gave him three fucking Chin’s dude Wait boating. Yes Ok chat wants you in and his name is your game list of the winners Taco Bell event I Jack at the alien Joe diamond board – dream on 3 a.m Coco Natalie buckaroo pingu’s waifu is up is garvik log sign pepper. Oh, whoa chatting your game We all get a clap ladies gentlemen It’s gonna be one big one battles from now on so it’s time to add the next image Okay, are you ready are you ready for the next round chat should we give them five or ten minutes chat, please? Oh My god, I’m snapping him. Hold on check this out now It’s a picture of Steve Harvey doing the sexy tongue flick I’m doing a greatest job. Can I call it babe instead of calling him Steve Harvey? Can I just call him Dave? I think it’s looking great. I think it looks really good. Oh, oh shit Why did that all give them a tail make him say? Oh whoa, watch this Hello I Morgan Freeman as you can see quackety is having terrible Vietnam flashbacks But will he ever recover find out after this brief message from? quackety listen guys I grow facial hair at least 10 times a day and I hate it which is why today’s video has been sponsored by Dollar Shave Club Dollar Shave Club offers a wide variety of products apart from having high-quality shaving razors and shaving Essentials they also offer personal care items like a daily face cleanser body cleanser hair and scalp shampoo in items like a high-quality Toothbrush and some really nice toothpaste. Remember to always brush your teeth. Okay all of this in a starter set box that it’s only $5. Oh and try to get your cat or theirs smells really nice so if you’re like me and you want to keep clean and hygienic You won’t want to miss out on this special $5 starter set box offer an offer that you can access by clicking on the link on the description Below and that is all the time. I have I need to get back to shaving my ten times a day facial hair We are now back perhaps now quackety has snapped out of his Vietnam flashbacks He didn’t So we got Natalie and shiny Ami Talkable. All right, you really know you’re gonna put it in. Anyways, if I’m not ready. You should give us the good image No, I’m gonna give you the worst insight Now nice nice I’m trying so hard Cheryl babe. Okay, they’re gonna share of eight. They’re gonna share a baby because of that donator We have five seconds. We have five seconds. Come on, okay Sorry, yeah, are you ready? Let’s do this Your daddy loved you, what’s how This is incredible, how do you guys feel how’d you guys feel this round terrible stressful the winner of this round is taco I Didn’t know I will get this far to be honest And now is stroke tied with a bad time, are you guys feeling today whoa stressed well, you know what they say They don’t say anything. I’m sorry That looks like a Beatles outfit cap, we should I get I’m knocking giving titties we have four minutes left. Yes Yes a gold chain indeed, sir Maybe they’re mad cause he’s smoking and he’s Fucking mad no hoes bad dude, Carl Weezer not mad hos mad and the boats are in my friends Yes, Joe diamond, how do you feel betrayed my chest goes mad? No, I’m just kiddin Welcome to the competition, how are you guys feeling horrible? Alright. Whoa, how are you doing? Right, so I’ve been dying to drop Brendan Fraser since I was a kid present freezer crawl my god not five minutes five minutes like shit Shit. Oh my Red eyes guys. What should I add? I’m gonna have a stroke with my hand because that’s now it looks like they did his haircut I can’t believe it’s actually fucking working. Okay, that looks amazing Please spare my ass what Oh Louise you made him a clown the winner of this round is blob With clowns not 3h, I’m this really pretty. Oh, thank you, but apparently I am the host better size There are five people left in the competition and all of them will compete in a free-for-all round The three highest voted will proceed on to the next round. It’s the Avengers Sally what would you do with a thousand dollars any less any issues? I kind of want to use it for college probably buy something really nice for my mom get a new computer Although this is the next Tibbets. Let’s go and Ak-47 Yeah – Elmo Chose Glade now that you guys can start boating the poll just started I Did not even think I was gonna get this far sooner I mean the people who make it to the next round is Jackie What is fucking broccoli here look like What is he holding? Oh, he’s holding divorce papers. A divorce isn’t complete without tears Brett’s a fucking clown Hos are not mad its hos love and love is love send me the rent I Think I lost a key you are a winner in my book the winner of this round is Ben’s hai and Taco Bell sushi To keep with a tradition what I did last time was at the end round I told everyone to complete all these characters and put them into one single picture. That’s what you guys are gonna do for the next And the timer starts now good luck fellas, I know you can do this well, thank you. They love to – All right, the first one was Spanos, oh my god, it’s not it’s not Kirby Pull-on I got a given body. Otherwise, this is just like a weird fever dream All right. Now the dog it looks like a fucking piggy. It’s not like it’s not a fucking dick lit, dude I don’t want to draw this again, but I have to this alone will explain the first one shut the fuck up No, does it. All right host mad host mad. This is a mess Oh my god, it’s bald and rash. Stop saying it belongs in the fucking trash. No, it doesn’t there’s a fucking trash Where does Elmo fit in here what else what else belongs in here? That’s it. That’s how we thought it’d Been Ty and Hannah, how are you guys feeling? How are you guys doing? How did you guys feel nervous? I have $29 my bank account. Oh, this will define if you are dis court’s greatest painter. Oh, Do you turn it up? Oh, yeah, we had it in Yoda afterwards. Holy shit and Ben’s hi-ho sad It’s okay the book Dealers in a better place. No this can’t be up it does I’m gonna finish the poet fellas. Thanks Ike you are the winner of an official discord eating competition I Know your tactics good job. Thanks Guys that was Incredible Ben tell you what how you feelin. How you feelin? Thank you very much. Turbot last time I felt so guilty second place didn’t get anything. So, you know what Chet? What’s your the second place get chat is saying? $500 and you know what? I’m all for it bet I get $2,000 benefits part for me. I feel like this is a dream. I’m gonna wake up and it’s like oh, yeah you dream it’s been a Wild ride thank you for watching the official discord patty competition by boys will be completely dead after this I’ll see you guys in the next one Thank you guys so much for watching This is the end of the competition make sure to follow my twitch account since that’s where the whole event was Livestream and make sure to join the discord Center, which is where it all went down. Thank you guys so much for watching I’ll see you next time


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