The First Thinking Sculpture at #MWC17

What made us so excited about
producing an installation that was not only inspired by Gaudi,
but would actually be in Barcelona, is the idea of continuing his legacy
in a way that is based around the technology we have today. By feeding Watson hundreds of
images and articles about Gaudi and Barcelona, we were able to choose
many different unique shapes, colors and materials. Watson is a cognitive system
and it’s really a collection of technologies that focus on trying to
extract meaning and insight out of unstructured forms of data. We wanted to bring Watson as a part
of the sculpture itself. So by taking what people around the world
and at the event are saying and using the Tone Analyzer API, we’re actually
able to extract certain personality traits and use the shifts in those traits
to actually manipulate the sculpture itself. We’re seeing developers and
entrepreneurs apply Watson across financial services—across healthcare. Watson becomes that layer that allows them
to get the information they need and be able to use that to make better decisions. One of the things I’ve really enjoyed
in working with IBM and Watson is going to see how Watson is
being used in so many industries. What we do is we help
match people with the wines that they really like, not the wines
that everybody else likes. We use cognitive to help people find
the right thing for them—simply, easily. We’re essentially building
a digital sommelier using Watson. There’s a very valid fear for people
who don’t understand cognitive— about their jobs
and what’s going to happen in the future. But the fact is,
we’re transforming the way people work, using Watson. Most of our company are clinical psychologists and what they’re doing now is they’re teaching
Watson how we want to deal with our patients. When we started SimpleC,
it took our psychologists eight hours per patient to build a profile that we use on our SimpleC companions. Today, it takes us fifteen minutes. Working with Watson is a true collaboration
between man and machine.

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