The FPro Lock guarantees consistent performance over time for wood finishing! | SAMES KREMLIN

Hello, my name is Bernardo Mata. I work
for Woodmont Cabinetry. In 9 years I seen a lot of spray guns come and go. None like this one, the FPro Lock. This one’s light, easy to spray, it’s consistent. What most I like about this gun is the locks it has so nobody could mess with the air or
the fluid The spray is good. The fans not too big, you don’t have overspray, you don’t have fluid going everywhere. Another thing I like about this is, is
the flexible hoses. The hoses are light, your sprayers are gonna love it. It’s easy to handle, easy to curve. They’re not heavy. Not heavy at all.

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  • Nexsar Valdovinos

    Esta muy confortable esa pistola d pintar no tienes q hacer mucha fuerza como en otras y tu trabajo ya no c t hace trabajo c t hace una zatisfaccion


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