The Giant Art That Keeps Planes Quiet

Hearing is incredible. Think about it: a tiny little bit of tissue
in your ear, a tenth of a millimetre thick, moves in response to changes in air pressure, and converts them into
tiny vibrations in fluid, and then those get converted into electrochemical
impulses that go the brain, where they are somehow decoded into
what you experience as sound. And if all of that is working properly, then you’re able to pick out one source of
sound from another, in 3D space, and your brain is optimised
to pick out words and language even through huge amounts of noise. It’ll even filter out constant, steady noise
like a fan or the wind whistling through trees. To give an idea of
just how difficult a task that is: this is the waveform of the sound
that’s on this video. Same information, just presented differently, but it’s not something that you can
make sense of with your eyes. And it’s not like your eardrum only resonates
at a few frequencies. Human hearing in a
healthy, young person runs from somewhere up around 20,000 cycles a second,
all the way down to 20. Which means the eardrum can pick up
air movements with wavelengths that range from a couple of centimetres for
high frequencies, to 10 or 20 metres for really low bass. The sort of low, rumbling bass that you
would get from, say, a jet engine. Just over there is Amsterdam Schiphol airport. In terms of aircraft flying in and out,
it’s the busiest airport in Europe. Six runways. Two control towers, one just for the new runway that’s over there
that opened in 2003. That runway is five kilometres away from the
terminal. If you look at aerial photos, you can see plane after plane after plane
lined up on a fifteen-minute taxi, including going on a bridge
across a road and a canal. It was raining when my plane landed, but I
just about got that shot out the window. But there was one residential area,
just back there, where there was nothing but flat ground between those houses
and the back end of jet engines. I mean, of course it was flat ground,
it’s the Netherlands, but there was one spot just back there where it
got significantly louder for the people who lived there. And those local residents were not happy. Of course, the one day I’m here, they’re actually landing on that runway,
not taking off so the engines are pointed the other way,
but the point still stands. The local residents were not happy. This is the solution. Well, not a solution,
at least something to help. This is a park that serves two purposes:
one, to be land art, the sort of high-concept big sculpture
that’s created by moving enormous amounts of earth
and rock. This was designed by an artist. I mean, I’d send up a drone to show you,
but, you know, airport. But the second purpose is sound dampening. These ridges are metres apart,
roughly, very roughly, around the same wavelength as the low rumble
you get from a jet engine. Not exact, of course, but in the same order
of magnitude, close enough to be disruptive. So rather than the sound waves just rolling
over the land, instead they’re scattered in all directions,
up and away, not onwards. Not perfectly, not even close, but enough
to bring the noise level at those houses back down within acceptable limits. The architects claim that
one of the inspirations for this was people noticing that the engine noise
sounded quieter when the fields were ploughed. Because, yes, your brain can filter out
constant, steady noise. It can even, over time, get used to filtering
out intermittent, loud noise, like living next to an airport. But that filtering job is a lot easier if
the noise would just be a little less loud.


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