The International Snow Sculpture Championships | USA Team Wisconsin

It’s not about the awards. It’s not about
where we finish. It’s about what can we make? How far can we push it? And people
saw our model and our drawing and thought there’s no way you can make that
out of snow. And we did. I’ve been at this 20 years. I’ve been to Breck, six times now. I think five, no, this is my fifth, and when I’m not sculpting snow here I’m back in
Milwaukee working as a graphic designer. My other teammates are three-dimensional artists: there’s a welder, there’s a ornamental concrete artist, and then
there’s a professional sculptor. It’s It’s incredible to compete here. First,
to get accepted, right? I mean for a number of years we didn’t even apply
because we thought we wouldn’t belong here we wouldn’t be able to hold our own,
mixed with the altitude first of all, like, it’s hard to breathe up here. We’re
not from this altitude. We’re moving 25 tons, well, 20 tons of snow. Like the level
of competition that’s here is incredible and you can’t go you can’t go easy. You
can’t go safe, and if it collapses, well at least we tried Historically our team has done organic
concepts but the thing with doing organic elements is they’re forgiving,
right, they’re not exact which is nice because in a medium like snow and a
scale this big, if you’re off just by a little on a piece like we had this year
that that outer ring had to be perfect. What we found is organic elements in a
sculpture are more pliable. Whereas, this concept was very exact,
there was no wiggle room, it had to be what it was. You know, we do something we wouldn’t try back home because the snow back in Wisconsin isn’t the snow. Like,
this snow is incredible, you can take some structural risks and you can
make stuff really thin, and chances are it’s gonna hold. Our piece fell over last
night at 9 o’clock and it’s still in my top two pieces I’ve made in 20 years.
This little girl, she’s a fifth grader, came up to me, and she just had tears streaming down her eyes, and to have that impact on someone. She was said that our piece fell. And I was said that our piece fell. and what I told her was, it’s the experience of
making it. It’s the experience of seeing it, and the fact that it’s not there next
week doesn’t really matter, because anyone that was here to see it and feel
it, it’ll stick with them.

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