The Kansas Bluegrass Association Winterfest in Wichita

Song: Cherokee Shuffle Ranger Stan Greer, Musician: well it’s like a old family reunion I see people from Topeka and Oklahoma and people I only see maybe once a year out
here at this festival it’s a family reunion I love it Sherry Brace, Musician: it’s
wonderful you learn new tunes you meet new people, steal a few licks I mean
borrow a few licks and it’s a good time Janet Rhoads, Kansas Bluegrass Association
I think part of what makes this a unique event is the time of the year we when we hold it in February a lot of the people here we see them at festivals all summer long through Winfield in September and
then the festival is kind of end for the winter and this is the first time people
have seen each other for maybe four or five months so it’s a good time to renew
friendships and it’s sort of a small community a lot of the people that come,
come every year and we see them at other festivals so you’re anxious to get to
play music with people that you haven’t been able to play music with for a few months Greer: the jamming is oftentimes where you’ll
see amazing people playing that you have no idea where do these people come from
and somebody’s sitting in front of you playing the best banjo music you’ve ever
heard and I have no idea who the guy is but that’s what amazes me Brace: and I’ve worked play with older people and younger people and there’s
no barrier Rhoads: I think everyone is really welcoming there’s not a lot of judgment
so people who are newer and maybe not very experienced can still sit in a
jam and participate Brace: there’s love and friendship and fabulous music “All Stay!” “Woo-hoo!”
“Yeah, that was a big ending”

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