The Kelpies: Two giant horse head sculptures unveiled in Scotland

Two giant statues, named the Kelpies, have
been unveiled on the bank of the Forth and Clyde Canal in Scotland. The pair of horse
heads have become the world’s largest equine sculptures – standing 30 metres tall and weighing
300 tonnes. The project began in this studio in Glasgow
seven years ago, when sculptor Andy Scott created these smaller models designed as a
tribute to the horse powered heritage of Scotland. The Kelpies are a mythological Scottish sea
horse, a beast who inhabits the dark waters of the Scottish Lochs. It was an interesting
standpoint for the project, but for me going on from the title of Kelpies, the project’s
become much more to do with the history of the horses, the social history of the horses.
Heavy horses, and how they would have been used obviously drawing the canal barges along
the canals, but also in all the other industries around the area. You know, all the agriculture
and the fields around would have had horses, so for me it’s that interesting celebration
of the legacy of the horses. Years later, a 5 million pound project has
seen these designs transformed into public art that will now dominate the horizon. The
site will open to the public in the summer of 2014 after work is completed on visitor and parking facilities.


  • Oh My My Dude

    Cool :3

  • The British Patriot

    They're beautiful n' all but 5million pounds just for a pair of horse heads (probably tax payers money too) that much money could've started a business for people to have jobs at or built housing.

  • Chilllaxxinn

    what did this accomplish?

  • JohnPaul Dixon

    And come 2014 after the referrendum on whether or not Scotland becomes wholly independent & each Scott has to shell out £1000 per year in taxes if the vote is 'Yes' I wonder how proud they'll be then about this un-necessary 'sculpture'.

  • ealamin

    who paid?

  • Owen Chua

    My hair is standing because of how the horses look

  • Deltarose -

    I love horse's and they're nice but, as said below, the money could have been used to do so much more

  • sonyxyde

    how about GWK in Bali ?

  • Daryl S

    You can build a horse over water but…I do like it though

  • rossisaurus

    As a Canadian horse admirer, I'd go to Scotland just to see those, among other things. Also to see my namesake lands. The CBC debated the value of public art, a few weeks ago. The 2 sides inevitably are "money could be better spent" and "the money was spent well: tourism, cultural value, beauty, talking points". But then the question of what "beauty" is, surfaces. Should public art be beautiful? These Kelpies are beautiful, so there's no worries there. But what if others disagree? And on the debate goes…

  • iain mcmillan

    I love them

  • NikonChic 954

    Omg I would love to see this! Epic!

  • Tony O'Brien

    Beautiful work. I love the elements that make up the surface of the skins, almost like digital camo. Well done.

  • Zonester_exe

    I went there yesterday and there's a Lego model of them there


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